Blockhunter is a recently launched property site that, instead of listing a range of properties for sale, reverses the process and helps sellers find buyers looking for a home in a selected area.


As opposed to the property searches offered by sites like Nestoria and Trulia, with Blockhunter a buyer or renter registers their search and waits for a landlord or seller to find them.

Using Google Maps, a prospective buyer or renter can draw a box over the area where they want to live, add details like price range, number of bedrooms required etc and save this search.

Anyone selling or renting out a property in the selected area can then get in touch with the potential buyer through Blockhunter.  

Founder Andy Martin explained:

“It turns the traditional estate agency model upside down. Instead of potential buyers looking through ads, potential sellers are matched up with registered buyers.”

“Estate agents spend a lot of their time keeping buyers and sellers apart. We bring people together. In a way, Blockhunter is like a dating service – but for property.”

A similar concept to Scandinavian start-up Igglo, Blockhunter is an interesting approach to property search, and the site is appealing and easy to use. Another potential benefit of the site is that buyers and sellers could save money by taking estate agents out of the equation.