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Is micro-influencer marketing viable?

Thanks to the rise of social platforms like Instagram, more and more brands are adding influencer marketing to their digital marketing mix.

But as influencer marketing matures and the most prominent influencers become more costly to work with, is it time for brands to adapt?

pi datametrics

How canonical tags helped Waterstones solve a product ranking nightmare

The canonical tag is used by webmasters to alert Google to duplicate content or, perhaps more accurately, multiple versions of a page.

But what happens when websites don't use canonical tags? How much of an effect does it have on rankings?


People & Process: Four key takeaways from Digital Cream 2016

From my somewhat objective freelance position I feel comfortable admitting I thought this year’s Digital Cream in London was the best I have attended.

I had the pleasure of joining Censhare's People and Process table moderated by Danielle Sheerin of Bright Cultures

We were blessed with the somewhat daunting sub-title: Agile working, collaborative tools, social enterprise and cloud based marketing tech.

facebook live

10 pioneering examples of brands using Facebook Live

Live streaming via Facebook Live was opened to all verified brands at the end of 2015.

Since then, many brands have got involved, not just broadcasters (such as the BBC, who trialled the tool as early as October of last year).

Facebook's F8 conference revealed that APIs will be made available, allowing the integration of Live into third-party apps.

With lots to look forward to, let's look at the baby steps brands have taken so far.


How Donald Trump is using social media

Last week, I looked at how the the Democratic presidential candidates are using social media to bolster their campaigns.

Yesterday, Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.

Here's how he has been using social media.


Five digital trends for retail in the next five years

It appears the average consumer is no longer happy with an average shopping experience.

Forget simply buying online or having a casual browse in-store.

Now, shoppers expect one-click purchases and super-fast delivery, wrapped up in a multi-sensory, personalised and perfectly memorable experience.


Capturing Micro-Moments & Answer Boxes for content success

Part of the luxury of my job is that we get to work with a lot of brands and identify new opportunities for them to gain extra search traffic.

One topic of conversation that’s ‘hot’ at the moment is around understanding Micro-Moments to drive long tail traffic and also use these to capture additional search real estate by occupying the Google Answer Box.


Depending on social networks for your CRM? Time for a rethink

The latest social network to announce a move away from a reverse chronological timeline is Instagram, impacting its 14m UK users.

Many of these snap happy bloggers are in uproar – one petition has already attracted hundreds of thousands of protesters. But what about advertisers?

Is this a further nail in the sequential social storytelling coffin? Is this bad news for all but brands with the largest followings?


Personalising the customer journey: Key trends from our Singapore roundtable

Personalisation is a top priority for marketers in 2016 according our global Digital Trends 2016 report. 

Nearly one-third of survey respondents (31%) indicated that 'targeting and personalisation' was in their top three priorities for the coming year, more than any other digital-related area.


10 of the best social stories & campaigns from April 2016

With the departure of writer Jack Simpson, there’ll be a new source of monthly social roundups.

That source is the new social media executive, Andrew Chrysostom (yes, I did refer to myself in the third person). 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at what’s been hot during social in a month which has been both creatively exciting and innovative.


CMOs are taking command of the growth agenda, one byte at a time

The growth agenda: It’s a term frequently used among large firms, especially down mahogany row.

The concise phrase suggests that a company has a commonly agreed plan to achieve its performance goals for a set period.

But in reality we know this “plan” is quite often dynamic and not nearly aligned enough with all constituents, and yet we are expected to produce results on it.


Facebook’s F8 updates mark shift from screens to experiences

June 29th 2007 is noteworthy for being the day Apple ushered in the biggest technology and business transition in history with the release of the iPhone.

And it looks like when we connect the dots in five to ten years times, April 12th 2016, will be a date that is just as significant.