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Connected TV: How to use the final weapon in the cross-device arsenal

Connected TV (CTV) is taking the world by storm.

We’ve seen an annual increase of nearly 100 million CTV sets per year over the past five years globally, and the market is growing rapidly in the UK.

Advertising on the channel is expected to grow to £220m by 2020, surpassing countries like France (£215m), Germany (£112m), and Spain (£94m).


What is 'storyliving' and why do you need it?

Storytelling remains a key way for brands to engage an audience. 

By creating a compelling narrative and conveying it across multiple channels, brands are able to bring to life a sense of purpose, and draw in consumers on a deeper level.

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A successful loyalty scheme must offer more than pricing discounts

In a world where retailers understand the importance of keeping their existing customers and finding ways to have them come back to purchase repeatedly, the question needs to be asked why do so few invest in getting loyalty right?  

Do retailers know what amazing loyalty programs look like?


Cloud-based CRM systems – What are the benefits?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a piece of marketing technology used to manage, analyse and quickly respond to interactions with current or future clients or customers.

With a good-quality CRM system in place, you can easily keep all the information about every party that your business is interacting with up-to-date and accessible by everyone within your team. CRM systems also allow you to solve specific problems within the customer or client relationship cycle, focus on customer retention, and drive sales growth.


How ecommerce sites can rise above price-driven competition

Ecommerce, in a word, is booming. 

recent report from Shopify states that global ecommerce sales have been growing at an average of 20% per year since 2014 and double-digit percentage growth will continue through 2021. At this rate, ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion worldwide by 2021.

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Can Google conquer programmatic outdoor advertising? We ask the experts

Last week came the news from WirtschaftsWoche that Google intends to make a foray into out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Germany.

Whilst programmatic OOH is nothing new (the automated buying of digital outdoor space) and allows advertisers to change their messaging according to variables such as time, date, weather and sports results, Google's trump card is the personal data it has access to, partly through the Android smartphone operating system.

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A day in the life of... a global strategic consultant at Urban Airship

You may have heard of Urban Airship already – the mobile engagement platform associated with push notifications, amongst other things. Econsultancy has featured some of their stats in our weekly roundups.

This week we spoke to Emily Buckman, a global strategic consultant at the business, to find out what her work entails.


Why is Facebook focusing on ‘time well spent’?

There’s mounting evidence to suggest that heavy technology use can be damaging to mental health. 

A study by Duke University found that this correlates with attention and behavioural problems in young people. Meanwhile, a 2017 survey by the Royal Society for Public Health found that young Brits believe social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have significant detrimental effects on their wellbeing.

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The week in martech: Oracle’s tech stack, image tracking & overhyped blockchain

Welcome to The Week in Martech, a new column in which we round up some of the most interesting developments from the world of marketing technology over the past week.

This week, cloud-based software platform Oracle wants its clients to know that its tech stack is not a 7-Eleven (but it’s happy to help them make a chocolate cake), and the blockchain hype in advertising is starting to lose momentum.

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The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

We’re mid-way through the month, and bringing you even more statistical goodness to see you right on through.

This week’s roundup includes news about Amazon’s ad business, global email placement, holiday shopping habits, and more. Don’t forget to swing by the Internet Statistics Compendium too.


Marks & Spencer’s call centre decision is a textbook case of playing to AI’s strengths

Yesterday the news broke that retailer Marks & Spencer will be deploying artificial intelligence in its call centres in a bid to modernise its infrastructure and handle a greater volume of incoming calls.

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Brexit has shown the power of segmentation & targeting in the age of Facebook

Before Facebook arrived, the ability to target very specific segments was incredibly difficult.

For example, if you had wanted to target all mums with a two-year-old child in the UK, you would be looking at some daytime TV, weekly magazines, and outdoor in specific nappy valleys.