A summary of the major stories doing the rounds throughout the blogosphere today…

Undeterred by the furore over its support for the ‘fake’ Wal-Mart blog (covered in

yesterday’s round-up

), Edelman is ploughing on with its online PR plans.

Its CEO Richard Edelman spoke recently on the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of the blogosphere, and now, according to paidcontent, has struck an international sponsorship deal with Technorati. The PR heavyweight plans to use the deal to support reputation monitoring, and the two companies have teamed up on a global survey of blog use.

Good to see the PR industry is waking up to the emergence of citizen journalism, despite the occasional blunder.

Still, we think this story is old news.

Speaking of blunders, McDonalds has been forced to recall thousands of freebie MP3 players after realising they were infected by malware designed to steal user passwords.

According to various sites, the company issued this statement:

The virus poses an infection risk when the prize is connected to a computer. We therefore recommend consumers not to use the prize.

Oops. Doh. Waaah. Etc.

On a more positive note, E-Commerce Times reports that Yahoo! has begun a major upgrade of its Merchant Solutions platform, which enables small businesses to get started on the web.

The portal says around 40,000 merchants currently use the platform, and sees smaller businesses as key if growth in e-commerce is to continue.

“A lot of work has been done to make the process of getting started easier,” Jimmy Duvall, director of e-commerce products at Yahoo! told the site.

“But a lot of merchants still spend too long up front designing their sites and loading products and that delays them reaching their real goal, which is to start generating sales and getting the money flowing.”

MTV, meanwhile, has just bought the teen social network Quizilla for an undisclosed price, according to Mashable.

The deal follows MTV Networks’ recent purchases of Shockwave.com and Addicting Games, and it will be interesting to see how successful the media group is in integrating them. MTV also owns NeoPets and the-n.com, another teen site, as well as social networking site ParentsConnect

Also making a recent investment in the entertainment space is Sequoia Capital, which has backed the fast-growing celebrity gossip site PopSugar, according to this blog

Om Malik followed up on the story, and says Sequoia Capital’s uber-savvy Mike Moritz has backed the venture to the tune of $5m.

VCs moving back into the online publishing sector? They said it wouldn’t happen again! Holy bagels! Ah but wait, there’s a social networking twist. Phew.

Finally, a couple of interesting articles about search advertising.

Affiliate Tip reports that Googspy, the free tool for sussing out the keywords your competitors are buying has been enhanced and re-branded, while John Chow has compiled a list of alternative services if you’re not getting the most out of Adsense.

Tuck in.