tag:econsultancy.com,2008:/blog Posts from the Econsultancy blog 2016-07-22T14:31:13+01:00 tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68103 2016-07-22T14:31:13+01:00 2016-07-22T14:31:13+01:00 A day in the life of... Online Capability Consultant at BT Ben Davis <p><strong>This week's 'day in the life' comes from a man who has a broad-ranging digital role in a very large organisation.</strong></p> <p>Tom Barton is an online capability consultant at BT. Let's find out what such a role entails...</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68103-a-day-in-the-life-of-online-capability-consultant-at-bt/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68105 2016-07-22T12:44:54+01:00 2016-07-22T12:44:54+01:00 The week's news in digital (in five minutes) Ben Davis <p><strong>This week has seen product updates from Google and Snapchat - but that's just the appetiser.</strong></p> <p>Dig in for more digital sustenance, including all the marketing and advertising news you need to know from this week.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68105-the-week-s-news-in-digital-in-five-minutes-2/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68106 2016-07-22T12:00:15+01:00 2016-07-22T12:00:15+01:00 10 sizzling digital marketing stats of the week Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>It's been a scorcher of a week in the Econsultancy London office, and so naturally, we've got some equally sizzling stats for you to get your teeth into!</strong></p> <p>This week's roundup includes news about online searching behaviour, mobile commerce and social media usage in Europe.</p> <p>Don't forget the download the <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/" target="_blank">Internet Statistics Compendium</a> for lots more.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68106-10-sizzling-digital-marketing-stats-of-the-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68104 2016-07-22T09:48:00+01:00 2016-07-22T09:48:00+01:00 Festival of Marketing 2016 agenda: 200 speakers over 12 stages Ben Davis <p><strong>We've already made some fantastic announcements about this year's Festival of Marketing.</strong></p> <p>Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and WPP chief exec Martin Sorrell are two of the headline speakers at the event, which runs October 5th to 6th in London.</p> <p>But now the <a href="http://www.festivalofmarketing.com/agenda">full agenda</a> is live, showcasing more than 200 speakers over 12 stages.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68104-festival-of-marketing-2016-agenda-200-speakers-over-12-stages/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68087 2016-07-21T14:42:17+01:00 2016-07-21T14:42:17+01:00 Six brilliant blogs from the beauty industry Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>In an industry heavily geared around tips, tricks and word-of-mouth recommendations, a blog is a beauty brand's bread and butter.</strong></p> <p>It might seem like an outdated notion in today's Snapchat-style world, however for many, it is the linchpin behind a truly effective content strategy.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68087-six-brilliant-blogs-from-the-beauty-industry/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68044 2016-07-21T13:20:15+01:00 2016-07-21T13:20:15+01:00 Millennials don't hate advertising: It's all about the value exchange Dale Lovell <p><strong>With millennial expectations of advertising increasing and the rise of ad-blocking, the value exchange between brand and consumer is now more important than ever.</strong></p> <p>Depending on which definition you read as what constitutes a millennial, I am one. Apparently.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68044-millennials-don-t-hate-advertising-it-s-all-about-the-value-exchange/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68095 2016-07-21T11:42:00+01:00 2016-07-21T11:42:00+01:00 Measurement and Analytics Report 2016: Four key challenges in dealing with data Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>When it comes to gaining customer insight, is there such a thing as <em>too</em> much information?</strong></p> <p>According to research from our latest <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/measurement-and-analytics-report/">Measurement and Analytics Report</a> in association with Lynchpin, a ‘data tsunami’ could be causing companies to lag behind.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68095-measurement-and-analytics-report-2016-four-key-challenges-in-dealing-with-data/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68074 2016-07-21T10:57:05+01:00 2016-07-21T10:57:05+01:00 Is content really the solution to lacklustre conversion rates? Steve Borges <p dir="ltr"><strong>Dramatic shifts in ecommerce over the last three years have created many challenges for retailers – with perhaps the most alarming a relentless downward pressure on conversion rates.</strong></p> <p style="font-weight: normal;" dir="ltr">It is not news to point out that the response has been a rush to ‘content’, the received wisdom being that strong content directly contributes to improved conversion - but should we take this much-vaunted link at face value?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68074-is-content-really-the-solution-to-lacklustre-conversion-rates/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68098 2016-07-21T09:53:00+01:00 2016-07-21T09:53:00+01:00 Twitter announces application process for verified accounts: what marketers need to know Patricio Robles <p><strong>Twitter has for years offered verified accounts, which help brands and public figures establish the authenticity of their accounts and access additional features, including special filters and opt-out from group Direct Messages.</strong></p> <p>Previously, verification was offered to select brands and public figures, and there was no official way for those not selected by Twitter to request verification.</p> <p>That changed this week.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68098-twitter-announces-application-process-for-verified-accounts-what-marketers-need-to-know/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68056 2016-07-20T15:38:48+01:00 2016-07-20T15:38:48+01:00 Eight quick, no-hassle content ideas for local businesses Jacob McMillen <p><strong>Local businesses often have a difficult time publishing content as regularly as they should.</strong></p> <p>They know that they need content marketing to reach their customers and build their brand, but are stuck when it comes to what to create. Or perhaps they're great at creating content, but have no idea what to measure to see if it's working.</p> <p>If this sounds familiar, this blog post is for you.</p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68056-eight-quick-no-hassle-content-ideas-for-local-businesses/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68092 2016-07-20T14:22:52+01:00 2016-07-20T14:22:52+01:00 #WorldEmojiDay - did any brands do it well? Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>Recently, many brands took to Twitter to celebrate #WorldEmojiDay – an event born from the fact that July 17th is the date marked on the iOS calendar emoji.</strong></p> <p>Whether you find this type of thing cringey (see <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67469-house-of-fraser-s-emojinal-campaign-massive-fail-or-marketing-genius/">House of Fraser</a>) or cool, with the news that <a href="http://src.bna.com/gKc" target="_blank">2,680 marketing campaigns have involved emojis</a> since June 2015 (an increase of over 600%), there’s no denying that it is a growing trend.</p> <p>Here’s how many big brands marked the day.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68092-worldemojiday-did-any-brands-do-it-well/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68086 2016-07-20T12:30:00+01:00 2016-07-20T12:30:00+01:00 Ads on premium sites drive 67% greater brand lift Patricio Robles <p><strong>Thanks in large part to programmatic, advertisers have more ways than ever to reach consumers online, and to target their ads at scale.</strong></p> <p>But according to comScore, not all ads are created equal. Instead, ads that appear on premium sites are far more productive, particularly mid-funnel.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68086-ads-on-premium-sites-drive-67-greater-brand-lift/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68080 2016-07-20T10:58:50+01:00 2016-07-20T10:58:50+01:00 It's time to reinvent the HiPPO Paul Rouke <p><strong>The acronym HiPPO carries a negative connotation, but it doesn't have to. Going forward, it can be a beacon of positivity.</strong></p> <p>Here's why.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68080-it-s-time-to-reinvent-the-hippo/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68085 2016-07-20T09:55:32+01:00 2016-07-20T09:55:32+01:00 Four reasons Ghostbusters experiential marketing has been so successful Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>London Waterloo station's giant installation of the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ends this week.</strong></p> <p>The PR stunt has been used to promote the (somewhat divisive) all-female remake of Ghostbusters. With a flurry of excitement on social media, it’s proved to be a great example of out-of-home advertising. </p> <p>Here are four reasons why it worked.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68085-four-reasons-ghostbusters-experiential-marketing-has-been-so-successful/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68081 2016-07-19T15:59:00+01:00 2016-07-19T15:59:00+01:00 Pokémon GO: Zappar founder tells us what it really means for augmented reality Ben Davis <p><strong>Trendjackers as ever, we've already discussed Pokémon a plenty on the Econ blog.</strong></p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68060-what-brands-can-learn-from-nintendo-s-digital-transformation-and-pokemon-go">What can brands learn from Nintendo's digital transformation</a>? And <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68059-should-pokemon-go-give-marketers-hope-for-augmented-reality/">what does it mean for augmented reality</a> (AR)?</p> <p>But now I've caught up with Zappar co-founder and CEO Caspar Thykier, to give him his right to reply on the future for AR in the light of the gaming sensation.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68081-pokemon-go-zappar-founder-tells-us-what-it-really-means-for-augmented-reality/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68040 2016-07-19T13:40:00+01:00 2016-07-19T13:40:00+01:00 Five digital strategy tips for mono-brands that wholesale and sell direct to consumer Ben Potter <p><strong>What should a mono-brand think about as they go on the journey from wholesaler to fully-fledged online retailer?</strong></p> <p>What should its digital strategy look like?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68040-five-digital-strategy-tips-for-mono-brands-that-wholesale-and-sell-direct-to-consumer/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68031 2016-07-19T12:14:01+01:00 2016-07-19T12:14:01+01:00 Answering the key question of content auditing: Where do I start? Michael Hewitt <p><strong>Functional content, on-site content, static content or whatever term you prefer to use, is the lifeblood of any brand’s digital presence.</strong></p> <p>It plays a crucial role in search visibility, guides users through the customer journey and reflects your brand personality. But it is all too often neglected and left untouched.</p> <p>One of the reasons for this are two dreaded words; “content” and “audit”.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68031-answering-the-key-question-of-content-auditing-where-do-i-start/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68066 2016-07-19T11:18:49+01:00 2016-07-19T11:18:49+01:00 Top 100 Digital Agencies 2016: The state of the industry Amy Rodgers <p><strong>This year's </strong><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/top-100-digital-agencies/">Top 100 Digital Agencies report</a> is notable for the rise of the consulting firms, as 'digital transformation' comes to the fore.</strong></p> <p>But what is driving this movement, and what else is revealed by the 2016 rankings?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68066-top-100-digital-agencies-2016-the-state-of-the-industry/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68076 2016-07-19T09:55:54+01:00 2016-07-19T09:55:54+01:00 15 wondrous examples of data visualization Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>They say a picture is worth a thousand words.</strong></p> <p>Which must mean that data visualization is worth an indeterminate amount of numbers... right?</p> <p>Regardless, it's time we had a round-up of some of the most visually stunning complex data sets out there. Here are fifteen of my faves!</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68076-15-wondrous-examples-of-data-visualization/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68068 2016-07-18T15:06:00+01:00 2016-07-18T15:06:00+01:00 Four ways brands are marketing through dating services Patricio Robles <p><strong>Online dating services might not seem like ideal platforms for marketing.</strong></p> <p>After all, many are monetized primarily through paid subscriptions, and users, for obvious reasons, are probably more focused on finding a date than clicking on ads. </p> <p>But in recent years, brands have found ways to insert themselves into the online dating experience. Here are four examples.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68068-four-ways-brands-are-marketing-through-dating-services/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68061 2016-07-18T13:09:12+01:00 2016-07-18T13:09:12+01:00 23 clever uses for colour in ecommerce UX Ben Davis <p><strong>Colour plays an important part in web design and ecommerce.</strong></p> <p>From little UX quirks and best practice, to stylish branding and aesthetics, I've rounded up 23 uses for colour in ecommerce.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68061-23-clever-uses-for-colour-in-ecommerce-ux/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68077 2016-07-18T11:28:00+01:00 2016-07-18T11:28:00+01:00 Why Lastminute.com is taking control of its ad inventory Ben Davis <p><strong>Last week, lastminute.com group announced its new media business, The Travel People.</strong></p> <p>In such an interesting time for online advertising, I wanted to know what this means for lastminute.com group and the advertising on its sites.</p> <p>Mirroring big publisher websites, is this a move towards more bespoke campaigns and away from standard display?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68077-why-lastminute-com-is-taking-control-of-its-ad-inventory/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68025 2016-07-18T09:50:00+01:00 2016-07-18T09:50:00+01:00 How hotels can create a more convenient customer experience Anton Schubert <p><strong>Hotel stays can be incredibly frustrating.</strong></p> <p>So, how can digital tools be used to make them more convenient?</p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68025-how-hotels-can-create-a-more-convenient-customer-experience/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68067 2016-07-15T14:27:00+01:00 2016-07-15T14:27:00+01:00 Is ad fraud the 21st century drug trade? Patricio Robles <p><strong>Ad fraud is not a new topic, but as some U.S. Senators who are members of the powerful Senate Banking Committee see it, action is needed to prevent ad fraud from ballooning into one of organized crime's most lucrative businesses.</strong></p> <p>In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urging the agency to look into ad fraud, the Senators suggested "It remains to be seen whether voluntary, market-based oversight is sufficient to protect consumers and advertisers from digital advertising fraud."</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68067-is-ad-fraud-the-21st-century-drug-trade/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68079 2016-07-15T13:15:43+01:00 2016-07-15T13:15:43+01:00 10 notable digital marketing stats of the week Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>This week's stat round-up includes news about Amazon, data regulation, ad spend and, of course, Pokemon Go.</strong></p> <p>Check out the <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">Internet Statistics Compendium</a> for lots more information and insight.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68079-10-notable-digital-marketing-stats-of-the-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68084 2016-07-15T12:01:00+01:00 2016-07-15T12:01:00+01:00 The week's news in digital (in five minutes) Ben Davis <p><strong>Yes, yes, we'll be talking about Pokémon.</strong></p> <p>But also Amazon's new programmatic creative video ads, ASOS' one-hour delivery, Nissan's autonomous cars and much more.</p> <p>Here's your five minute update on the week's digital news.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68084-the-week-s-news-in-digital-in-five-minutes/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68073 2016-07-15T10:09:08+01:00 2016-07-15T10:09:08+01:00 How marketers can use new tech to deliver meaningful brand experiences Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>According to the Future of Experience report by Adobe, produced in collaboration with Goldsmiths, the customer journey no longer exists.</strong></p> <p>Instead of concentrating on the traditional path to purchase, brands need to consider the customer’s experience as a whole. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68073-how-marketers-can-use-new-tech-to-deliver-meaningful-brand-experiences/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68075 2016-07-14T15:17:07+01:00 2016-07-14T15:17:07+01:00 Who will win the live-streaming battle: Facebook Live or Periscope? Blake Cahill <p><strong>In the age of ephemeral content and channel proliferation, it’s no wonder some marketers feel like they are forever playing a game of catch-up.</strong></p> <p>Shiny new technologies regularly appear, hit critical mass, and inevitably get surpassed by better tools.</p> <p>Take the recent rise of live-streaming for example – it is a popular medium transformed into an entirely new format.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68075-who-will-win-the-live-streaming-battle-facebook-live-or-periscope/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68026 2016-07-14T14:54:00+01:00 2016-07-14T14:54:00+01:00 Programmatic advertising: Why the trend for moving it in house? Ben Davis <p><strong>I've been reading our <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/the-cmo-s-guide-to-programmatic">CMO's Guide to Programmatic</a> and publishing some highlights here on the blog.</strong></p> <p>So far, I've touched on <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67989-five-challenges-of-programmatic-that-cmos-must-understand/">challenges of programmatic</a> and the <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67995-mobile-programmatic-the-basics-that-cmos-need-to-know/">basics of mobile programmatic</a>.</p> <p>For this post, I've concentrated on the trend of bringing programmatic in house. What's driving it and why?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68026-programmatic-advertising-why-the-trend-for-moving-it-in-house/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68051 2016-07-14T11:48:00+01:00 2016-07-14T11:48:00+01:00 Six case studies that show how digital out-of-home advertising is changing Ben Davis <p><strong>Out of home (OOH) advertising is changing as more and more digital inventory is unveiled.</strong></p> <p>In this post, we look at the most important developments in digital OOH through the lens of six innovative brand examples.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68051-six-case-studies-that-show-how-digital-out-of-home-advertising-is-changing/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68063 2016-07-14T10:15:00+01:00 2016-07-14T10:15:00+01:00 Can we overcome the tension between programmatic and creativity? David Moth <p><strong>On the face of it, programmatic advertising and creativity would appear to make strange bedfellows.</strong></p> <p>The use of an automated, algorithmic method of media buying sounds like the death knell for creative campaigns.</p> <p>It’s an emotive subject as it plays to wider fears about computers stealing our jobs. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68063-can-we-overcome-the-tension-between-programmatic-and-creativity/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68057 2016-07-14T05:56:16+01:00 2016-07-14T05:56:16+01:00 Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, to headline Festival of Marketing 2016 Ben Davis <p><strong>Silicon Valley icon Steve Wozniak will headline this year's Festival of Marketing.</strong></p> <p>The personal-computer pioneer and philanthropist heads a packed lineup at the unique event, which takes place on <a href="http://www.festivalofmarketing.com/welcome">5-6 October in London</a>.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68057-steve-wozniak-co-founder-of-apple-to-headline-festival-of-marketing-2016/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68053 2016-07-14T01:00:00+01:00 2016-07-14T01:00:00+01:00 Three reasons why you should localize social media posts Jeff Rajeck <p><strong>One might assume that when global brands run social media pages in foreign markets that they localise the content.</strong>  </p> <p>Surprisingly, though, many don't.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68053-three-reasons-why-you-should-localize-social-media-posts/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68048 2016-07-13T14:39:00+01:00 2016-07-13T14:39:00+01:00 Personal data and privacy in the digital healthcare age Lori Goldberg <p><strong>For athletes, competitors and data geeks, the opportunities to improve our health through personal data collection have never been more prevalent and affordable.</strong></p> <p>I use Fitbit religiously to track my steps, heart rate and sleep patterns.</p> <p>I combine Fitbit with data from MapMyRun and MapMyRide, apps that collect running and biking data from geo-location info in my smartphone.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68048-personal-data-and-privacy-in-the-digital-healthcare-age/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68062 2016-07-13T14:06:36+01:00 2016-07-13T14:06:36+01:00 Mobile marketing strategy: Four key charts from our latest research Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>While mobile has become an increasing focus for digital organisations in the past few years, when it comes to executing a streamlined strategy, i</strong><strong>t appears many are still lagging behind.</strong></p> <p>As the latest Econsultancy/Adobe <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/digital-intelligence-briefing-taking-advantage-of-the-mobile-opportunity/">Digital Intelligence Briefing</a> highlights, 48% of organisations don’t have a proper plan in place.</p> <p>And out of the rest that do, many admit to a lack of cohesion.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68062-mobile-marketing-strategy-four-key-charts-from-our-latest-research/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68059 2016-07-13T10:45:00+01:00 2016-07-13T10:45:00+01:00 Should Pokémon GO give marketers hope for augmented reality? Ben Davis <p><strong>Pokémon GO quickly drains your phone battery, crashes with alarming frequency, has a dodgy UI and is lacking instructions.</strong></p> <p>But still, the app is incredibly popular, with TechCrunch estimating 7.5m downloads in the US and SimilarWeb reporting 60% of these downloaders as daily active users. Nintendo's value, unsurprisingly, has sky-rocketed.</p> <p>So, with augmented reality (AR) a big part of the game (enabling you to see and catch Pokémon), is this a breakthrough moment for AR?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68059-should-pokemon-go-give-marketers-hope-for-augmented-reality/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68052 2016-07-13T10:01:41+01:00 2016-07-13T10:01:41+01:00 What is predictive analytics and how could you use it? Ben Davis <p><strong>Predictive analytics. What is it? What can it be used for in marketing? Is it easy to implement?</strong></p> <p>As the technology edges closer to maturity in digital, here's an introduction to predictive analytics.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68052-what-is-predictive-analytics-and-how-could-you-use-it/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68058 2016-07-12T14:51:07+01:00 2016-07-12T14:51:07+01:00 Has Amazon Prime Day 2016 made up for 2015’s #PrimeDayFail? Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>Promoted as the ‘Black Friday’ of the summer, Amazon Prime Day was originally launched in celebration of </strong><strong>the retailer’s 20th birthday.</strong></p> <p>You might remember that last year <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/66710-why-did-people-attack-amazon-s-primeday/" target="_self">didn’t go <em>quite</em> as planned</a>.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68058-has-amazon-prime-day-2016-made-up-for-2015-s-primedayfail/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68060 2016-07-12T14:01:00+01:00 2016-07-12T14:01:00+01:00 What brands can learn from Nintendo’s digital transformation and Pokemon GO Bola Awoniyi <p><strong>Did you know that the media franchise we all call Pokemon is 21-years-old?</strong></p> <p>Well the nineties favourite has just reinvigorated itself with the launch of Pokemon GO.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68060-what-brands-can-learn-from-nintendo-s-digital-transformation-and-pokemon-go/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68054 2016-07-12T11:55:00+01:00 2016-07-12T11:55:00+01:00 Pat Symonds, CTO of Williams, on why VR will shape the future fan experience of F1 Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>According to Pat Symonds, CTO of Williams, digital technologies like virtual reality are set to play a key role in how fans engage with the Formula One experience.</strong></p> <p>From fashion to travel, we’ve seen many <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67078-three-examples-of-brands-experimenting-with-virtual-reality/">brands utilise this new technology</a> to enhance the consumer experience.</p> <p>For the motor racing industry - a sport that’s occasionally criticised for being elitist and inaccessible to fans – it could help to bridge the rather large gap between the fan and the race track.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68054-pat-symonds-cto-of-williams-on-why-vr-will-shape-the-future-fan-experience-of-f1/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68055 2016-07-12T11:14:47+01:00 2016-07-12T11:14:47+01:00 How Dyson is bringing technology to life in its new London flagship store Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>The experience of shopping on Oxford Street can be frustrating at best - sweaty, rage-inducing and exhausting at worst.</strong></p> <p>So, stepping into Dyson’s new flagship store is a rather calming experience in comparison.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68055-how-dyson-is-bringing-technology-to-life-in-its-new-london-flagship-store/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68039 2016-07-12T10:01:00+01:00 2016-07-12T10:01:00+01:00 What is B2B account-based marketing & why should you care? Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>For B2B organisations, account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming an increasingly important focus.</strong></p> <p>Instead of broader marketing techniques such as online and offline advertising, PR and SEO, companies are now realising the potential of a laser-focused approach.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68039-what-is-b2b-account-based-marketing-why-should-you-care/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68035 2016-07-12T01:00:00+01:00 2016-07-12T01:00:00+01:00 How to maximise the impact of sponsored social posts: APAC case study Jeff Rajeck <p><strong>"Boost Post"</strong></p> <p>This button is on every Facebook update, and it's always so tempting to push. I mean, who wouldn't want to fork over a few bucks and get more exposure?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68035-how-to-maximise-the-impact-of-sponsored-social-posts-apac-case-study/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67993 2016-07-11T15:00:32+01:00 2016-07-11T15:00:32+01:00 Why Pharma marketers are increasingly turning to social media Tamara Littleton <p><strong>It wasn’t long ago that pharma brands tended to avoid social media. </strong></p> <p>The strict regulation of the industry’s advertising communication still acts as a motivator for the industry to be cautious with social content, yet increasing numbers of brands are taking to social media anyway.</p> <p>What’s changed?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67993-why-pharma-marketers-are-increasingly-turning-to-social-media/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68043 2016-07-11T14:24:49+01:00 2016-07-11T14:24:49+01:00 Will click & collect be killed off by same-day delivery? Patricio Robles <p><strong>There's a real debate to be had as to whether <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67847-is-omni-channel-retail-a-delusion">retailers' omni-channel hopes are realistic or delusional</a>.</strong></p> <p>But for retailers clinging to the idea that there will always be a place for physical stores, <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/63815-15-stats-that-show-why-click-and-collect-is-so-important-for-retailers/">click-and-collect</a> capabilities are often touted as evidence that a brick and mortar presence still offers advantages.</p> <p>New data, however, suggests that click and collect might not be as important as some retailers believe.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68043-will-click-collect-be-killed-off-by-same-day-delivery/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68045 2016-07-11T11:23:56+01:00 2016-07-11T11:23:56+01:00 How Global Goals is using social media to highlight gender inequality Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>It’s been 20 years since the Spice Girls released their first number one single, ‘Wannabe’.</strong></p> <p>Which means two things...</p> <p>Number one: I’m old. Number two: It’s the perfect time for girl power to make a comeback.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68045-how-global-goals-is-using-social-media-to-highlight-gender-inequality/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68041 2016-07-11T10:21:35+01:00 2016-07-11T10:21:35+01:00 Nectar MD, Will Shuckburgh, on loyalty in a mobile-first world Ben Davis <p><strong>Loyalty business Nectar provides an interesting case study for the state of marketing and retail in 2016.</strong></p> <p>The company was transformed in 2015 when it replatformed all of its consumer-facing channels to make them mobile first and digital, with its app now the subject of a major TV ad campaign.</p> <p>I spoke to Nectar's MD, Will Shuckburgh, to get his thoughts on loyalty and marketing in a newly customer-centric world.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68041-nectar-md-will-shuckburgh-on-loyalty-in-a-mobile-first-world/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68049 2016-07-08T16:41:02+01:00 2016-07-08T16:41:02+01:00 All the week's digital news (in five minutes) Ben Davis <p><strong>This week's digital news roundup will, as ever, give you everything you need to know, in a handy five-minute read.</strong></p> <p>From Snapchat and iOS 10 features, to retailer results and Google's latest AI implementation, there's lots you might have missed.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68049-all-the-week-s-digital-news-in-five-minutes-2/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67988 2016-07-08T15:48:00+01:00 2016-07-08T15:48:00+01:00 Can search revolutionize healthcare & the diagnosis of diseases? Patricio Robles <p><strong>Which technologies are most likely to revolutionize healthcare?</strong></p> <p>While there are no shortage of candidates, including <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67074-is-the-healthcare-industry-prepared-for-wearables">wearables</a> and telehealth, one of the internet's long-standing fixtures, search, shouldn't be overlooked.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67988-can-search-revolutionize-healthcare-the-diagnosis-of-diseases/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68050 2016-07-08T14:11:49+01:00 2016-07-08T14:11:49+01:00 Ten intriguing digital marketing stats from this week Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>There’s a lot to perk your interest this week.</strong></p> <p>We’ve got stats about Britain’s shopping habits, customer service demands, mobile use during the Euros and so much more.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68050-ten-intriguing-digital-marketing-stats-from-this-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p>