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10cs of modern marketing mindset

Introducing the 10Cs of Modern Marketing Mindset

Econsultancy’s ’10Cs’ model is a framework that marketers can use to reflect upon and model their own mindset. It defines specific characteristics that contribute to success as an individual, as part of a team or within the wider organisation.

The stakes have never been higher for ecommerce customer experience

A recent study conducted by Bazaarvoice found that over their regional lockdown periods, 39% of global consumers purchased from brands they’d never tried before, for reasons such as value, availability and convenience. Eighty-eight percent of those consumers now plan to stick with their new brands, presenting a unique opportunity for customer retention. However, in the […]

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Resourcing for social media teams: A beginner’s guide

This briefing explores social media team roles and responsibilities, whether to insource or outsource, how to work with agencies, and where to look for advice on skills development. It is an excerpt taken from Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide.

The top half of Earth, showing much of Asia and Australia lit up interconnecting lights.

Amazon in Asia-Pacific: A 2020 update

Since its launch in Japan in 2000, Amazon has sought to slowly establish itself in some of Asia-Pacific’s biggest markets. However, the ride has not universally been a smooth one. Here’s how Amazon is faring in Asia-Pacific in the year 2020.

The changing face of social content

This is an edited version of a section in Econsultancy’s new Social Media Platforms Trends report, authored by Michelle Goodall, and covers changes to social content, from stories to AR and live video.

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