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Stats roundup: coronavirus impact on marketing, ecommerce & advertising

‌This week we’ve got a roundup of stats focused on the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ll be covering a range of topics including delays in marketing activities, ad spend, the travel industry, ecommerce habits and gaming and much more.


Short guides on the latest thinking, developments and terminology in digital, marketing and technology

The gender gap in marketing: pay, benefits, overtime and happiness

The content of this briefing is taken from Econsultancy’s Career and Salary Survey Report 2020, produced in association with Marketing Week. First launched in 2015, this annual report is the industry’s most in-depth census of marketing careers and salaries in the UK, presenting a robust look at workplace trends and the experiences of marketers. This briefing […]

How to create better job descriptions: a guide for marketers

The content of this briefing is taken from Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide, written by Rose Keen. The report offers hiring managers and recruitment teams the tools to write better job descriptions for in-demand roles. From building in inclusivity from the beginning to ensuring discoverability, this guide offers a framework to help […]

The feedback economy: challenges, growth, and the role of AI

The content of this briefing is adapted from Econsultancy’s Ratings and Reviews Best Practice Guide. It covers: The key challenges of embracing the feedback economy (and how to overcome them) Fear of negative feedback Fear of too much feedback Unrealistic consumer expectations Lack of internal resource Fake reviews The factors that have fuelled the growth […]

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