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How to get the best out of Google and Facebook’s free attribution services

Brainlabs CEO Daniel Gilbert is excited about an attribution competition between the two biggest advertising platforms. He explains how limitations in one can be offset by capabilities in other, and biases can be identified and mitigated through cross-referencing.

Upcoming Webinar: How Marketers Learn

This month, Econsultancy’s trends webinar is open to all. Stefan Tornquist will take you through some of the key findings from our newly updated research, ‘How Marketers Learn’ (a follow up to our 2016 report).

Agenda points include:

  • How you can supercharge your career, regardless of your role.
  • The costs and benefits of effective learning and development.
  • Instilling a new mindset in your organisation.

July 30th, 2019 | 2pm BST | 9am EST

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How digital is changing the automotive customer experience

In retail, consumers have come to expect a swift and seamless experience online from beginning to end (and beyond the point of purchase). This is what’s known as ‘the Amazon effect’. Car manufacturers (sometimes called original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) and dealerships have struggled to adapt to the complex demands of digitally-savvy consumers. The experience […]

Spotlight on… Data and Privacy

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