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Tommy Kelly

A day in the life of… Tommy Kelly, CEO of eShopWorld

Tommy Kelly is the CEO of eShopWorld, an ecommerce platform that helps brands and retailers sell to international online markets. We recently caught up with Tommy to find out how Covid-19 has impacted his working life, as well as his thoughts on how the pandemic has impacted both consumers and retailers.

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14 examples of digital technology in retail stores

After the shock of the coronavirus on brick-and-mortar retail, stores have to work harder than ever to compete with each other, and with consumers’ increased appetite for ecommerce. One way of doing this is to use technology to create immersive experiences that will encourage consumers back in-store as the world reopens.

10 key challenges facing CRM marketers

Customer relationship management (CRM) remains a key way for companies to deliver ‘customer centric’ marketing, centred around personalised and relevant content (if you’re not sure what CRM is, see our handy definition). But what are the key challenges facing CRM marketers today? With insight from some experts in the industry, here are 10 pressing issues. […]

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Adopting a test-and-learn approach

The ability of an organisation to leverage data – either for singular marketing campaigns or wider business strategy – points to a degree of data maturity. It indicates that the process of becoming ‘data driven’ or undergoing ‘data transformation’ as part of a wider digital transformation programme – is underway. Engaging in testing and optimisation […]

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An introduction to the principles of data collection and analysis in each digital channel

Each channel implementation has different requirements for enabling it within the tracking ecosystem. The most common implementations, along with their configuration requirements, are detailed in this briefing, including email, social, SEO, PPC, display ads and programmatic, mobile, ratings and reviews, and offsite interactions. The content of this briefing is reproduced from Econsultancy’s Fundamentals of Marketing […]

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Forming a marketing measurement strategy: how to discover requirements

Almost all areas of business are now engaged with customer understanding and business performance data. It has become essential for marketing teams themselves to position their strategy and budgets within educated assessments based on marketing data. A measurement strategy in itself is a definition of how data will be used to understand how business goals […]

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