In this blog post, you will learn to code your own bitly user interface in just two minutes. (caveat: this depends on how fast you can copy/paste!).

The post contains ten steps to build your own bitly interface, a ready-made example, a simple explanation of how it all works!


Bitly recently changed their web-based URL shortening interface to help turn the service into more of a 'social bookmarking' tool.

I'm a really big fan of bitly, to the extent that it tells me I've shortened 1,728 links through the website itself. But I'm not enjoying the actual 'shortening' part of the new interface.

To get around that quickly I put together a very quick, simple Google Spreadsheet bitly interface. Here's a screengrab:

simple bitly interface

That's just a screengrab but, in the tool itself, any URL I enter into the first box is then instantly shortened in the second.

I thought it would be useful to put together this simple tutorial of how to do that. Firstly as it's fairly useful, secondly as it's a nice simple introduction to Google Spreadsheets & APIs. So here we are: DIY instructions, plus a simple 'copy this spreadsheet' example for anyone ultra-lazy.

10 steps to your own Bitly interface:

Here are the 10 steps to follow to make your own Google Spreadsheet interface for shortening URLs via bitly:

  1. Open a new Google Spreadsheet. (details here if you've never done that)
  2. In cell D8, type 'Enter Your URL Here:'
  3. In cell E8, type '' (this is an example URL, you'll see it shortened by magic once you get to step 10)
  4. In cell D10, type 'Your Shortened Bitly URL:'
  5. In cell E10, copy & paste this: =IF(ISTEXT(D25), IMPORTDATA(D25), "")
  6. In cell D18, type 'Bitly Account'
  7. In cell E18, copy & paste this: bitlyexample
  8. In cell D19, type 'API Key'
  9. In cell E19, copy & paste this: R_8b726077f3d5c6029700c29e529395d3
  10. In cell D25, copy & paste this: =IF(ISTEXT(E8),CONCATENATE("", E18, "&apiKey=", E19, "&format=text&longUrl=", E8), 0)

That's it. Change the text in 'E8' (the bit from step three where I sneakily self-promoted my own twitter URL) to any other website address, and it will instantly be shortened in cell E10.

What you should see

If your copy & pasting skills are up to scratch, you should then see something a little like this in your google spreadsheet:

Bitly UI Example

I've added some colours there to denote the 3 sections. The top purple area is the actual interface. The middle (blue) area is simply the bitly account I've set up for this example, and the API key that goes along with that. The third (pink) area is the actual bitly API call itself

Here's are some notes on that (in gaudy colours) in case the above isn't clear:

Bitly Interface

If you're wondering what "the API call" bit is about, you can give it a go here:

If you paste that into a browser, you'll see it gives you a bitly URL in return. That's all we're really doing here - building up that URL, running it, and displaying the bitly URL it gives us in return.

Full example spreadsheet

If you have a Google account, clicking this link should prompt you to make a copy of a full example spreadsheet of the above.

Style it however you want; use your own Bitly account username & API key instead of the demo examples above. (you can get an API key here if you're logged in to bitly:

How this works: step by step

To explain how this all works, here are the 10 steps we covered above, complete with an explanation about what's happening at each stage:

Bitly Creator Steps

That's it!

That's it! Feel free to add any thoughts or comments below, or to harangue me on twitter (@danbarker) if you didn't find this useful or I didn't explain anything well enough.

And do share the post with others if you think they'd find it useful too.

dan barker

Published 30 May, 2012 by dan barker

Dan Barker is an E-Business Consultant and a contributor to Econsultancy. He can also be found on Twitter and Google Plus

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Stu Bowker

Stu Bowker, Web Analyst at TUI Group

Works a treat and completed in the expected time frame. Cheers Dan!

about 6 years ago

Stu Bowker

Stu Bowker, Web Analyst at TUI Group

I've made another version adapting it to allow for bulk URLs to be created. You can find it here

about 6 years ago


Carl Hogan

Hmm. This was possible with SnipURL like ten years ago...and if their Help section wasn't broken they had an example of this from that time. But thanks..

about 6 years ago



This and Stu Bowker's bulk version are both really useful! Thanks! Do you know if something similar can be done to shorten URLs to URLs using their API?

about 6 years ago

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis, Google Analytics Analyst at Koozai

Thanks for this guide Dan, it might be quicker to do this than log in every time I want to shorten something.

Is there a way to customise the URLs with this method? I know you're a fan of customising shortened URLs too!

about 6 years ago

dan barker

dan barker, E-Business Consultant at Dan Barker

hi, Anna, how are you?

Sadly I don't think so. The only parameters I could find are:

1. longURL. (the URL you want to shorten)
2. shortdomain. (so - for example - I think you could automatically 'koozai' shorten them if you wanted).

(someone do correct me if wrong!)


about 6 years ago


Gerry White

Great tool - was thinking could you also combine this with a reporting tool ? getting clicks back out ... (off to play to see if I can)...

about 6 years ago


Tim Leighton-Boyce, Analyst at CxFocus

If the links that you're shortening are to your own site as part of promotional activity, you might want to extend this to add in the relevant tracking parameters for GA or your analytics tool of choice.

about 6 years ago


Arun kumar, Software Engineer at Individual

Hi Am getting #name? error

over 3 years ago

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