A quarter of Google Analytics users surveyed by Econsultancy are considering the Premium version, while one in 20 GA users have already upgraded, according to research published this week. 

These figures are from the fifth annual Online Measurement and Strategy Report, carried out in association with web analytics consultancy Lynchpin

Here are a few highlights from the study, but there are plenty of other insights in the full report....

Use of Google Analytics

We asked companies whether they or their clients are using Google Analytics for web analytics, either exclusively or in conjunction with other tools. 

There has been a steady growth in GA usage each year, though this year we appear to be hitting a plateau, with a relatively small increase from 44% in 2011 to 47% in 2012. This bodes well for other web analytics companies, although the launch of the GA Premium product poses a new threat. 

Does your organisation use Google Analytics?

Why do people use other analytics tools? 

The most common reason given for using other tools for web analytics alongside Google Analytics was that it isn't sophisticated enough for their needs (42%, down from 48% in 2011). 

A fifth (21%) weren't sure if they could rely on just Google, while 19% were uneasy about the big G having too much access to their data. For those not using GA at all, satisfaction with their current analytics vendor was the most common reason given (24%). 

Nearly half (49%) of respondents using another analytics tool in conjunction with GA said they were seeing a return on investment, while just 6% said they weren't. The rest weren't sure, which suggests they may not be using insights to deliver measurable improvements. 

Do you get return on investment from your other web analytics tool? [Companies also using Google Analytics]

Uptake of Google Analytics Premium

One in 20 companies (5%) in our sample using Google Analytics are now using the paid-for Premium version, with a further 26% considering paying for it in the future. 

This is a relatively small sample size, with 146 using a paid-for analytics tool of whom 12 in total are using Google Analytics Premium.

It may take time before the Premium version is established, so it will be interesting to see the same stats next year. It should be noted that 26% of survey respondents are from a company with a turnover in excess of £150m.

In a blog post on the report, Advanced Web Metrics Founder Brian Clifton has provided some further analysis of these findings.

The main plus point for our respondents was the dedicated support and account management that comes with the $150,000 price tag. 

Guest blogger Michael Feiner looked at the pros and cons of Google Analytics Premium last year, and one of the plus points was the advanced attribution modelling. Sure enough, 35% cite this as a key factor in using or considering it. Note that respondents  were asked to indicate two reasons for using or considering GA Premium.

What are the key reasons for using (or considering) Google Analytics Premium?

Graham Charlton

Published 6 July, 2012 by Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is editor in chief at SaleCycle, and former editor at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter or connect via Linkedin.

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Tym Barker

I'm officially calling you out.

25% of all Google Analytics users pay $150,000 to upgrade?! That's patently absurd and utterly impossible!

Considering the millions of mom and pop shops, small websites, individuals, and even $20,000,000 per year businesses in the world, you can't possibly name 25% of that volume who could even afford it, let alone want it!!!

This is rubbish.

about 6 years ago


Michael Martinez

Google Analytics' free version has gotten worse with each "upgrade" and they have done absolutely nothing to stop the rogue bots from screwing up their data. No one who understands analytics would even think about using GA much less the Premium version.

Google Analytics Team need to fix these serious problems.

about 6 years ago



I use GA and i have no problems with it

about 6 years ago

Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at SaleCycle


We do not say that 25% of all GA users are paying that to upgrade. 25% of our sample are considering an upgrade to Premium, and 5% have already done so.

As I said in the article, it's a relatively small sample size so I don't think it possible to conclude that 25% of all GA users are considering Premium.

about 6 years ago

John Courtney

John Courtney, CEO and Executive Chairman at Pay on Results SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Digital PR, PPC & CRO from Strategy Digital

Google Analytics is way ahead of the other free analytics packages like Statcounter. It provides lots of pretty accurate data and most SME's I speak to are not using 10% of its capabilities, many smaller ecommerce companies dont even have the ecommerce tab turned on.

I am not surprised that 5% of companies survey are paying £100k pa for Premium, though. Our Technical Director consults for Google on Analytics and there are some pretty fancy tools in there and for larger businesses £100k is very little.

about 6 years ago


Depesh Mandalia, CEO & Founder at SM Commerce

As an SME tool GA is extremely invaluable - I personally think having such a powerful tool as GA available for free is humbling considering the costs of many other marketing tools that most sites use. It all adds up over time yet the one tool I always come back to is GA for its versatility and depth. It can be clunky at times and frustrating but the pros far outweigh any cons including the depth of segmentation, custom reports and dashboards amongst others.

Would I upgrade to Premium? I think if the business justification to get a better tool was there I'm not so sure since the usual suspects like Site Cat and Coremetrics provide more advanced BI integration internally and externally. I'd imagine a thorough review against market leaders if I was to pay for analytics and I'm not so sure GA would win...

about 6 years ago


, NA

This headline is misleading. The article does NOT say one-quarter of all Google Analytics users are considering premium. It says one-quarter of those who pay for another analytics product already, such as Webtrends or Omniture, are considering paying for GA Premium. The price tag of other web analytics products is such that only the top 1% (or less) of companies will be in this category.

about 6 years ago


Neale Gilhooley

So 75% of GA users are NOT considering upgrading and only 5% have already done so.

I agree with comments that it has not got better but worse, it's still great but now has more gaps that ever, I'd not pay for this without a serious enhancement and that does not mean them selling us stuff that was free.

I've put more than 100 Clients on to GA and how is my loyalty rewarded?

about 6 years ago

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