A large proportion of abandoned shopping carts are unavoidable as consumers never really intended to make a purchase in the first place.

Data from comScore shows that 57% of consumers have abandoned a purchase as they were only window shopping while 56% said they abandoned a transaction as they were just saving items for later.

However the next three most popular reasons for abandoning a shopping cart were all to do with shipping costs.

A separate survey that we conducted last year found that 74% of respondents had abandoned a basket due to high delivery charges, while a survey by Trimble found that more than half of respondents (58%) would choose free or discounted shipping as the main way to improve e-commerce.

This infographic from Milo highlights more of the statistics on delivery and shipping charges from the comScore survey.

David Moth

Published 7 August, 2012 by David Moth

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Peter Pohl

Solid article which is very applicable to one of my companies web shoppers

about 6 years ago


Jim Davidson, Manager of Marketing Research at Bronto

Fantastic infographic. Definitely worth optimizing the cart and checkout processes before the holidays are in full swing!

about 6 years ago



perfect timing! I was just having a conversation with both a client and a friend regarding this. The client wanting to pass the costs on to the buyer from his shop, and a friend saying how frustrating it is when you go to purchase something online and then you find a massive shipping cost at the end of the checkout process.

I personally think the shipping should be built into the cost of the item and then like the infographic show the shipping as free.

Love the infographic... I am going to share this with my client.

about 6 years ago


Hans Gerwitz

Milo's business model is based on local pickup, so perhaps they are a little biased in presenting information regarding other shopping options. Here, we have a misleading application of statistics.

So, 74% of people have abandoned due to shipping cost.

How often do they exhibit this behavior, as a percentage of shopping sessions?

How many of them *always* abandon? Probably near 0, so couldn't you headline "Nearly 100% of people have checked out despite shipping costs"?

That said, the data about abandonment by delivery time is interesting (though also slanted by framing as percent-of-abandoned rather than percent-of-transactions) and I generally agree with Milo's advice, here.

about 6 years ago



I'm not surprised at this at all. Yesterday I spent an hour uploading design to cafépress.co.uk, and was very happy with my soon too arrive purchases (2 custom cushion covers & a tshirt) that I would have gladly payed the +£50 for the 3 products, because I know they deliver quality, and because, especially, as at this amount, shipping was free (it said so on my total price in the basket). Until I came to check-out:

1. Apparently, when I reached delivery address info, cafépress.co.uk figured out I wanted this shipped to Belgium. And all of a sudden, £14 shipping costs were added to the total amount. NSS, I want it shipped to Belgium, something you might almost assume looking at my IP.

2. Well, I could have lived with that, but additionally, getting the products to my place in Belgium would take at least 20 days, possibly much more. Odd for products that said 'in stock'. (And it is digital printing, does not take ages.)

But what finally made me abandon my purchase? A small warning: 'Orders might be subject to import tax.'

I went to shop on cafépress.CO.UK, to avoid those import taxes in the first place (is about 21% + 15 Euro processing costs Belgian post charges), assuming they'd ship from the UK... but no, there was in fine print:

... Customs forms for all international packages list the value of your order's contents by product type. For instance, orders containing T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads will be listed in a way similar to the following example:

T-shirt value: $15.99
Mug value: $ 10.99
Mousepad value: $10.99

So shipped from the USA. I don't know why they bother setting up a uk website in the first place then... . ^^

about 6 years ago



This is very useful infographic to convince my customers to offer free shipping to their customers. Thank you very much! :)

about 6 years ago

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