Thanks in large part to the popularity of video on the consumer internet, video has become a more important part of many companies' B2B content marketing strategies.

For obvious reasons, the process of creating an effective B2B video is a bit different than creating a B2C video, but that doesn't mean that it's an impossible undertaking.

Here are six tips for B2B companies looking to put video to use as a sales and marketing tool.

1. Invest in production

Although the bar for B2B video quality is arguably lower than consumer video, there's no excuse for producing videos that look like they were put together quickly and with minimum investment.

In some cases, hiring a professional to produce your videos or help with certain aspects of it may be worthwhile. From voiceovers to post-production, there are numerous services that can connect you to talent. On a budget and need to do everything in-house? There's good news: with reasonably-priced modern video editing software, a willingness to learn and practice (see below), you should be able to produce videos that will be much better than average.

2. Practice

Unless your company is hiring a professional to host or narrate your video -- something that may not be advisable -- chances are the person who will be donating her face and/or voice is not an Oscar-winning actor. That doesn't mean, however, that your video has to look and sound like an amateur production. With a little practice, almost anyone can become a decent host or narrator.

3. Think outside of the box

The Bs in B2B don't refer to 'boring.' Just because you're selling a product or service to other businesses doesn't mean that your videos have to be conventional or uninspired. From animation to comedy, with a little thought, techniques that work in B2C videos can often be applied quite effectively in B2B videos.

4. Show off your expertise

A video can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise -- a key component of building credibility with potential customers. To ensure that you're maximizing the opportunity to highlight your expertise, focus on selecting good topics for your videos and be thoughtful when writing your scripts.

5. Try to create an emotional connection

Whether you're selling widgets or accounting services, don't assume that you can only relate to your customers and potential customers on a purely rational level. Make sure that instead of simply explaining what your product or service can do, your videos help viewers envision what they can do with your product or service. Do that and your videos stand a much better chance of creating the kind of powerful emotional connection that drives immediate action.

6. Make your customers the stars

For many companies, the most persuasive salesperson is a satisfied customer. So where possible and appropriate, put customers in the spotlight and let them explain how your product or service made their businesses better. In most cases, their stories will resonate far more than any story you can tell.

Patricio Robles

Published 20 August, 2012 by Patricio Robles

Patricio Robles is a tech reporter at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter.

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Dean Marsden

Dean Marsden, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai Ltd

Some good tips here that stand true for all uses of video.

One that I would like to add to these which is part of thinking creatively and creating a connection, is focus on the first 30 seconds. This is the critical time that viewers are likely to decide if they are interested in the video or not.

I think number six is also one of the most important. Customer endorsement goes a long way if you are not a well established business.

The best thing about B2B video is that you can bet that most of your competitors aren't doing it so take the advantage and wow your potential new customers!

almost 6 years ago


Chloe Chivers

These are some great tips! The main thing is to make your video fun and not too corporate, showing your businesses personality is key.

We created a short video for our 10th Birthday here at SilverDoor International Serviced Apartments, take a look:

We all had fun making the video and the result was a great video which celebrated an important milestone for our company.

almost 6 years ago

Dean Marsden

Dean Marsden, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai Ltd

Nice video Chloe. A fun video can really work if you know your business customers well.

almost 6 years ago

Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles, Web Designer at The Data Octopus

I would take argument with the point that with a little practice anybody can use video-editing software well or become a decent host.

This is the same mentality that makes everybody with Instagram think they are suddenly a photographer.

These are disciplines that take a LOT of time and effort to master and unless you do hire a professional you will only ever produce something average.

(Note: I'm not a video editor or host!)

almost 6 years ago



I agree with commenter, Chris. There are a great many subtle things that go into editing a video, and most of those things are never fully recognized by people. Optimizing the audio, finessing transitions so they look smooth and contemporary, and so on.

But it's natural for people to think/hope they can do this work themselves for there's at least a small creative spark in all of us. "It looks fun, let's try it, we'll save money."

Eventually they realize it takes lot of time, and that the software and machines required are costly. I am a video editor, but I support people who want to try it themselves.

Eventually they call me back. And when they do, they're smarter, more patient, and appreciative.

almost 6 years ago



Well put, Patricio! You've perfectly echoed our company philosophy here at -- we help businesses of all sizes tell their story in an informative, entertaining way. We pride ourselves on high production values and being able to concisely tell a company's story in a fun, short video format.

almost 6 years ago

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