The ebook is a content marketer's best friend.  Not only does it allow you to become a publisher, where you can have your own editorial agenda, it gives you a platform to become a thought leader in your field.  

It has the added benefit of generating in-bound leads on a large scale. For instance, Eloqua attributed a large percentage of its new business to the prospects that downloaded a series of its free ebooks.

Whilst writing and researching our first ebook I came across some excellent examples that I wanted to share with you.  

In each ebook there are fantastic content marketing techniques in play: tips, resources, ideas, infographics, visuals, links, case studies, stats, how-to-guides. All easy to use and many inexpensive to implement. Check them out for yourself.

1. 100 content marketing examples

I am a huge fan of, content marketing guru, Joe Pulizzi. Thanks to him and his team at the Content Marketing Institute this is the best ebook on the subject I have read so far.

It gives amazing examples of the variety of content marketing techniques out there to use. Whether you are in B2B or B2C marketing - there's tips, checklists, resources and hundreds of ideas to implement yourself.

It has excellent visuals and links to all the case studies it highlights.

2. 29 Secrets about content marketing & the undercover agents who shared them

This fun, easily digestable ebook has crowd-sourced and co-created a great piece of content.

In the secret dossier the TopRank online marketing book has interviewed 29 "agents" who share and reveal their content marketing secrets and success stories.

Not only is this a great ebook, it's a great piece of content marketing in action. Tapping in to the thought leaders in the industry is an excellent way to raise your profile.  

This ebook has plenty of advice with easy and inexpensive ways to do content marketing well.

3. The Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing 

Produced by Eloqua, and co-authored by big thinkers in the content marketing world, such as Ann Handley. This is the eighth Grande Guide in a series of 14 ebooks.

The B2B Content Marketing ebook is packed with stats, charts, examples and useful infographics, like the one shown in this image.

It's more of a manifesto of why B2B marketers should be using content marketing with best practice guides, practical tools on how to measure your results as well as a great in-depth case study on how to do content marketing effectively.

4. 58 Social media tips for content marketing

Michele Linn's latest ebook, published by the Content Marketing Institute, is an excellent and concise resource.

It's great for anyone grappling with the ever expanding social media networks and channels.  

She rightly says that your content may be great - but without the right distribution channels - no one will be reading it. She believes social media and content marketing make a great team - think Laurel and Hardy, Woodward and Bernstein, Jordan and Pippen.

Whether you’re just getting started with social media or looking to fine-tune your plan this guide is well worth a read.

5. A practical guide to killer marketing content

This guide from Hubspot, written by Sarah Goliger, targets the intemediate content marketer.

What I particularly like is how it dedicates a section to explaining how to map your content to the buying cycle. It has a great, simple and easy to understand diagram that shows you how to do it.

It goes on to give 10 killer tips on how to create fun, interesting and relevant content that gets conversions. The tips are straightforward - like turning old content into something new (like a whitepaper into video, a video into a blog etc) and easy to implement.


Published 21 December, 2012 by Juliet Stott

Juliet Stott is a freelance journalist, content creator and a contributor to Econsultancy.  Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter

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Comments (5)

Tom Howlett

Tom Howlett, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai

Great list, will have to check out some of these. I'm sure they will be useful for both beginners and experienced content writers.

over 5 years ago


Lee Odden

Thank you Juliet, for including the Content Marketing Secrets eBook we created with CMI. Lots of great eBooks in this post!

over 5 years ago


Jenn Hyacinth

This is such a great deal. I was looking to the list and it was indeed very useful to internet marketing beginners. I also like the way of giving it for free to those who are interested, the concept is similar with site that all the ebooks were free and no registration needed to get the ebooks I just hope you are giving ebooks at low prices or even for free it can help alot.

over 5 years ago


Edea Krammer

This surely gives me the idea what strategy I’ll be having this year one I’ve get my hands on these EBooks mentioned… Thanks for sharing!

over 5 years ago


Martin Zhel, CEO at Orior Creative

Do you plan to write a list for 2014 or 2015? You might want to also include these ebooks:

1. Epic Content Marketing by Joe Polizzi - a great ebook that covers the process to create amazing content

2. Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars - one of the best books that teach you actually how to create amazing content.

It's interesting that I haven't manage to find any ebook that specifically talks about how to use content marketing for SEO. That's why I decided to write on. Feel free to check it out:

Let me know what you think.

over 3 years ago

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