Best of luck to Eric T. Peterson, who has just announced he is jacking in the day job to form his own strategic consulting group, Web Analytics Demystified Inc .

The analytics guru is leaving his position at Visual Sciences - a move he said will allow him to provide "objective thought leadership" to the "entire web measurement community".

He added:

"The web analytics industry is extremely hot right now due to the tremendous growth of online advertising, the explosion of 'Web 2.0' technologies, and the entry of the three major players online (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft) into the web analytics arena.
"I sincerely hope that my returning to vendor-neutral status will allow us to pick up where we left off when I was at JupiterResearch."

Eric (who we interviewed last year on the problems of Web 2.0 measurement) said the new firm will focus on helping companies increase the value of their analytics investments by defining processes for interpreting data. He told us:

"I believe the web analytics market is changing. More and more companies are beginning to realise that success with web analytics is not about a particular technology; web analytics is a series of business processes that, when successfully deployed, allow companies to incrementally improve their online business.

"There is a significant gap in thought leadership talking about the process of 'doing' web analytics. Web Analytics Demystified will begin to fill that gap." 

He's bang on, of course. Capturing the data is one thing, but making sense of it is key. Good luck Eric!

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Matthew Tod

Matthew Tod, CEO at Logan Tod & Co.

Eric always generates interest what ever he does - but in this case I am not sure he is going far enough. Web analytics is a small view of the total customer experience and relationship with an organisation.

Really we are entering the era of true Customer Analytics (integrated online and offline data) and this is where there is even greater value to be found. Understanding todays multi-channel consumer involves bring data from ad-serving systems together with web analytics and adding traditional customer data to form this fuller picture.

So I hope Eric will expand his horizon to encompass the total customer picture and not just focus on the on-site only view given be web analytics.

Good luck Eric!

about 11 years ago


Eric T. Peterson

Richard, thanks very much for the encouragement and kind words. I'm just back from Emetrics and quite excited about the opportunity ahead of me.

Matthew: A very interesting point, and on some level I do agree with you. But in my experience, the "era of true Customer Analytics" is only barely getting started. It sounds good, it shows well, but very few companies that I have come in contact with in the past 5 years are actually ** ready ** to do multi-channel analytics. I'm not saying the desire isn't there, but that real silos and barriers to multi-channel data integration are everywhere, and these barriers (the most gruesome of which are political, not technical) I think necessitate a slow progression.

Conversely, millions of companies around the world (thanks to GA largely) are now thinking about web analytics. Thousands of companies are actively looking for people to run web analytics software, and hundreds of companies are seeing tremendous return on investment from the process, people, and technology they have in place. But hundreds isn't enough. I believe that the web analytics industry is ** just now ** hitting it's stride and that over the next 3 to 5 years we will see a dramatic improvement in how companies leverage their existing investment. So this is where I plan to focus my efforts.

I appreciate you comment and would love to continue this conversation via email. I am easy to find ;-)


Eric T. Peterson
CEO, Web Analytics Demystified

about 11 years ago

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