It's hard to escape the dour economic news that seems to be getting worse with each passing day. Even though the job market in certain areas of the technology industry seems to be holding up far better than in other industries, many are still concerned about the possibility that they could find themselves out of work in the coming year.

While you can't control whether or not your current employer will keep you around in these challenging times and whether or not you'll be able to find a new job if necessary, there are some things you can do to stay ahead of the curve in today's job market.

  • Keep your eyes open. Even if you're not looking for a new job, it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on the job market. If nothing else, this will help you identify the positions in your industry that employers are still hiring for and gives you the opportunity to pursue a personal development path that ensures you have the skills that are in demand.
  • Stay on top of your game. Building your skill set and keep on top of current trends is a must in today's business environment. It can not only keep you in better stead with your current employer but can also help make you a more attractive candidate for a future employer should you find yourself looking for another job.

    Fortunately, staying on top of your game need not be difficult. In the online marketing space, for instance, you need look no further than E-consultancy trainings for ways to stay ahead of the curve. In almost every industry, there are plenty of companies offering valuable opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will give you a leg up.

  • Make yourself invaluable to your employer. If your employer is forced to lay staff off, you'll have a better chance of keeping your job if your employer can't live without you.

    If you haven't strived to make yourself invaluable to your current employer, now's the time to start. Go the extra mile every day, seek out opportunities to take on more responsibility, etc. This will make it much more difficult for your employer to let you go if times get really tough and may even provide opportunities for advancement as employers focus on leveraging fewer employees to do more.

  • Be careful about trading stability for "potential." I was working at a startup in 2000 when everything came crashing down and when all was said and done, I came to the realization that sometimes jobs aren't what they're made out to be. The cushy salaries and seemingly lucrative stock options that are often provided at sexy startups look good until you accept that they may not last or be worth anything.

    Today, I'd encourage all job seekers to consider that a stable job at an established, profitable company is far more appealing than a job at a company that isn't yet self-sustaining and that has relied on outside investment for growth.

We all hope that the global economy recovers as quickly as possible and the employment prospects in digital marketing and e-commerce still look very bright long-term. That said, being proactive can help you maintain your job security in today's environment and put you in a better position once the economy turns around.


Published 26 November, 2008 by Patrick Oak

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Some decent tips there Patrick but I'm not sure it's as easy as that for those seeking work. For instance the training sessions are very expensive for those not having regular income coming in.

over 9 years ago


Patrick Oak, Blogger at Econsultancy


These tips were primarily intended for people who currently have a job.

You're right that the environment today isn't easy and as I said there's a lot you can't control. That doesn't mean that you should throw your hands up and say "there's nothing I can do!"

If you have a job, you have the ability to strive to make yourself invaluable to your employer every day by going the extra mile and asking for more responsibility. In fact with companies cutting back, employees that are willing to do more are probably very attractive.

And you can stay ahead of the curve. Even if income is tight and you don't have the money to go to trainings, buy books, etc., there are plenty of free resources (including online) to help you stay on top of industry trends, grow your knowledge, stay current.

For those who are out of work it's obviously much tougher and that's why it's important for people with jobs to prepare and plan and invest in their skill set accordingly. The people who do the best when they find themselves out of work are the people who stayed on top of their game when they had a job.


over 9 years ago

Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson, Head of Marketing at Crunch Accounting

These are good points, and yes, it's a lot harder if you're already unemployed.

There are the obvious things you can do - and you probably already are - such as signing up to job alerts from the various job boards out there, getting your CV updated and start networking through your business contacts in person or through sites such as LinkedIn.

Two practical tips I would suggest, whether you're currently in employment or not, are:

1) update your CV - but give careful consideration to the words you use. Whether it ends up in a recruitment agency database or if you upload it to a job board's searchable database, potential recruiters will search using keywords - just like in Google - to see if they can find matching CVs.

Therefore, make sure your CV contains the relevant terms for your skills and job titles. Don't spam it - that will put people off - just ensure the words are included in your text.

Also, make sure you use conventional names for positions, not the internal names your company uses - no one will be searching for that.

2) practice your interview technique - its key to be prepared when you enter that room. Make sure you know something about the company and the role and ensure you have questions to ask them - you are interviewing them as well.

Go to and practice answer questions from industry leaders. This services enables you to run mock interviewers with the likes of Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons Den and bosses from O2, Virgin Atlantic and ITV.

And if I may mention the company I work for - - there are lots of jobboards available, but on our site you can access BeMyInterviewer, upload your CV, get your CV written by experts and apply for jobs.

Hope those suggestions help

over 9 years ago


Daniel Goodchild

Just to emphasise a point Gary makes - keywords / phrases on your CV are paramount, when it comes to recruiters searching CV databases such as Jobsite, Monster, Planet Recruit etc.
You'd be amazed how many CVs we see, with simple errors which make them less visible. If you have SEO experience, use the abbreviated version, use the English "Search Engine Optimisation" and use US English "Search Engine Optimization".
If your CV makes it clear that you are responsible for "Account Management" but doesn't include the phrase "Account Manager" - I'm unlikely to come across it.

Finally, if you email your CV to a recruiter and they call you and leave a message asking you to call them back to discuss the role - please ring. It confuses us when you don't :)

If I may also mention my company -
Goodchild Smith specialise only in Online Marketing recruitment. 5 years experience in this sector, 10 years in business.
I'm also an Affiliate personally, so have particular expertise in this field.

over 9 years ago



hi! I'm jeff oliver from jamaica...........i really do appreciate you guy's comments on the matter of staying awake and ontop of business trends.............i'ts really kinda very hard on many people now in this global crisis..........manny are cutting back, downsized, laid off even in great proportions now that economies are shrinking. what really interest's me fr. all your comments is the point of becomming so profoundly invaluable to one's employer that the only way one could be laid-off and that is for the company to cease operations. and that my friend, becomming the highest producer is what you want to be.........learn a second language or a few; i tell you that's the most important job asset for and in this time. trust me been able to communicate in varied tounges in whatever company puts you at the very superlative of job opportunities.........listen! SIMPLY PUT: YOU'LL B ON DEMAND.....................jeff de jamaica..estudiente de la universidad DE norte caribeno en MANDEVILE JAMAICA......cuidando!

.......................................KOOL RUNNINGS...................................................

about 9 years ago



Lets hope that more vacancies for employment will become available in the months to come.

over 8 years ago

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