BT has entered the online data storage market with an offering that gives crash-conscious consumers up to 20Gb of remote backup space for documents, media and other files.  

Digital Vault encrypts users' data at a secure centre to safeguard against loss or theft but allows consumers to grant access permissions to friends.

An entry-level 2Gb package has been made available at no cost but asks users to manually upload their files. A 20Gb service costs £4.99 per month and includes extra software features.

According to the telecoms giant:

"BT Digital Vault Backup Manager will automatically backup any new or updated documents on your system, so once it’s set up, you won’t have to lift a finger to make sure your files are protected."

The new service includes a tie-in with BT's consumer broadband service, with cross-promotion incentives being offered to Total Broadband customers. Backup Manager currently only runs on Windows machines.

E-consultancy's Chris Lake commented on the story in today's Guardian, pointing out that services like YouTube and Flickr mean more people are storing their digital content online, rather than on the desktop.

Is BT trying to compete with these services? If it is then Digital Vault needs to be more than a vault - the beauty of YouTube and Flickr is in the sharing, the tagging and the community engagement.


Published 23 October, 2006 by Robert Andrews

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Nic Brisbourne, Partner at Esprit Capital Partners

BT allows you to store files privately. I think there will be people who want to store in an open repository and share - a la YouTube and there will be others who want to keep their stuff private.

Also, hopefully BT will make it easier to upload large numbers of files of different formats than these other services.

over 11 years ago


peter rooney

An increasing number of telephone and general utilities have launched white box low cost low tech low support online storage option. The principal reason for this is to make their main product more sticky. That is sound from an economic point of view when considered only with respect to the suppliers interest. The problems arise when commercial entities make use of these services and expect (rightfully so) premium I.T. consultancy level service and support. Online backup (and all data backup types) is a strictly non recursive issue. If you represent a comercial entity, go for commercial online backup and keep it seperate to utilities you may change for price reasons a few times a year.

about 10 years ago



It is good for telecom giants to offer remote backup service. However, it is also proven that such services never take off when offered by a traditional company. is one of the first few companies offering cloud storage & cloud IT service. It is now offering the version 5.0 solution. It is far more than just storage or backup. Not only you can backup files to the cloud, you can also move your entire file server, FTP server, email server, web server and backup system to the cloud. You can create sub-users and sub-groups; you can set different user roles; share different folders to different users with different permissions. For a small business, Cloud-based storage, backup, sharing and Cloud IT Solution can save you a lot of cost, while offering better, more secure and reliable services that can be accessed from anywhere.

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almost 8 years ago

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