When it comes to social media you might be busy trying to separate the opportunity from the bullshit, such are the interstellar levels of hype and associated jargon that are plaguing this space.

Nevertheless, I for one believe that a solid social media strategy can make a real difference to your business, helping you to drive engagement in order to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and profits. But that's not to say it will be easy: there's a lot to figure out and each company has different needs (and challenges to overcome).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I'd aggregate a few of the social media visualisations I've spotted in the past few weeks to help you make some mental leaps of faith, or use in your internal pitches, or otherwise determine that it's all a bunch of hot air, as you see fit. 

Caveat: some of these are more badass than others!

Social Media ROI

[by Intersection Consulting]

Social Media Landscape

[by Ivan Walsh]

Tools and Methods of Social Media

[by deanmeyersnet]

Social Media Laws of Attraction

[by Intersection Consulting]

Five Step Social Media Program

[by Gauravonomics]

20:20 Social Media Approach

[by Gauravonomics]

Everything I Learned About Twitter I Learned In Grade School

[by johnny goldstein]

Brands and Social Media: Characters and Evangelists are Touchpoints

[by Stefano Maggi]

And finally two for the cynics...

Social Media Venn Diagram

[via pecatello]


[by andrewcherwenka]

All images republished under Flickr's Creative Commons licence. Some of these visualisations are available in larger sizes via Flickr (but not many, alas).

Chris Lake

Published 25 September, 2009 by Chris Lake

Chris Lake is CEO at EmpiricalProof, and former Director of Content at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter, Google+ or connect via Linkedin.

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Fred C

The originial post to the Social Media Lanscape is here : http://www.fredcavazza.net/2009/04/10/social-media-landscape-redux/ /Fred

almost 9 years ago


Jim Anning

Its my own drawing (so am blowing my own trumpet)... but am interested if you think this pic http://jimanning.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/socmed-and-orgs-small.jpg is on the money... 

almost 9 years ago


Jonathan Streeter

Jim Anning:  Loved it!  Your drawing is the only one of these that I understood!  The others just seem to be trying too hard.  You just nailed it.  Good job!

almost 9 years ago



Re Jim: Scary how a simple visualization can describe such a massive paradigm shift ;-) I like it both visually and content wise - you really absolutely nailed it.

For "selling" the idea of the social dialogue, i.e. Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 in general, one may find the orientation map helpful:


almost 9 years ago



also, the starfish by @scobleizer or the conversation prism by @briansolis and @jess3 were not included: http://www.briansolis.com/2008/08/introducing-conversation-prism/

almost 9 years ago


website design

Thanks for the post and especially giving the graphical representations so well.Would like to get more such posts from you.

almost 9 years ago


Christine LaBon

These are really creative approaches to laying out some benefits and conflicts associated with social media. (I especially found Dean Meyersnet and Jonny Goldstein’s hand draw diagrams to be eye catching and effective!) As far as the diagrams for cynics go, those are also very appropriate. J

almost 9 years ago


website design

I am very much interested in learning the Social Media ROI.
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Your post help me get the knowledge about the Social Media ROI.


over 7 years ago

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