Augmented Reality is used to intensify the truth, boost accuracy, supplement the concrete, and add-to the existent.  It makes mobile local search better than ever before.

Let us begin with defining the term AR by defining "augment".







It's also important to define the word "real". 







So augmented reality is used to intensify the truth, boost accuracy, supplement the concrete, and add to the extant.  It makes mobile local search better than ever before.


Mobile augmented reality for mobile local search can make a visit to Italy far more rewarding than using a cumbersome printed travel guide.

Find the nearest subway with the New York Nearest Subway app or the Tokyo Subway app.  Discover San Francisco Transit or the Nearest Tube in London. Find as you go without having to visualize word instructions or convert a 2D map in your mind’s eye to some quasi, real-world image.  Augmented reality increase productivity, whether for work or leisure.

What are the great phones to get the most our augmented reality?  Smart phones include but are not limited to the Apple iPhone, HTC Dream, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia N97, all with cameras, accelerometers, GPS, and internet connectivity.  If you have one of these phones and have not yet downloaded an AR app, what are you waiting for?

And if you favor particular mobile search AR apps, please share your experience.

Tina Whitfield

Published 15 January, 2010 by Tina Whitfield

Tina Whitfield is CEO of EquisGlobal and a contributor to Econsultancy.

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Robert Farago

A visual Shazam. Sweet. In theory. In practice, the Apple Store is less than helpful. When I typed "augmented reality" in the search bar I got four apps, one of which was "Nude it." Not exactly the first thing I thought of from your description. But then I am older than dirt. Pocket Universe is cool, but it's not a killer app. Any suggestions?

over 8 years ago

Tina Whitfield

Tina Whitfield, CEO at EquisGlobal

I like Le Bar Guide by Stella Artois.  Very useful.

over 8 years ago

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