Multiple PhonesWhen Qualcomm launched a device to accompany its mobile television programming, it was FLO TV Personal Television, "a 3.5-inch touch screen allows users to surf through channels with the swipe of a finger."

This was because:

  • Consumers want to swipe their fingers.
  • Consumers want a touch screen.

When Nokia released the N95 phone, they included a 5 megapixel camera with precision optics.Keith Nowak, Nokia spokesman, said the N95, which also has 30 frame-per-second video capabilities, is one of the "tech leadership" phones in the company's lineup.

  • Consumers with technical curiosity want best-in-class technology beyond the core and into extended functionality, such as the camera.
  • Consumers are visual and want video, including movies, advertising, and games to look stunning. This hasn't yet been achieved, however, there are standouts such as videos from corporate news organizations.

When Ericsson, together with Ovum, published a report on what consumers really want they determined, "from a user perspective, the requirements of new services must be straightforward: seamless access to all their content and services from the device of their choice. And users expect business models to be easy to understand, transparent, fair."  Additionally, Ericsson espouses, “the preference for ownership versus access to - affects the uptake of new services within certain generational segments."

  • Consumers want similar content activation experiences no matter the device. If a consumer does B, C, and D on Device 1, the consumer wants to do B, C, and D on Device 2.
  • Consumers want the companies behind their devices and applications to have transparent operations.
  • Depending on their age, consumers may prefer to own their content, i.e. they prefer downloadable applications over web-enabled applications.

Recently, J.D. Power & Associates released three studies on smart phones, feature phones, and business phones.  The studies provided the following insight on usage patterns:

  • Smart phone consumers want wi-fi in their next handset, as well as touch-screen capabilities and GPS.
  • Business smart phone consumers of want more downloadable games, travel apps such as maps and weather, and business utilities to increase productivity. 

According to recent research by TNS, the following attributes are critical:

  • Consumers want two days of battery life during active use.
  • Consumers want high-resolution camera and video camera.
  • Consumers want full versions of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Consumers want 20 gigabytes of memory.

What's my state of desire?

I carry two devices: a Blackberry and an iPhone. I use the Blackberry for email, reading TMZ and EOnline, MSNBC, and I use the iPhone for Facebook, taking photos, location-based augmented reality apps, and reading Entertainment Weekly for Lost coverage. Occasionally, I'll play BrickBreaker on the Blackberry. (Why can’t RIM provide a new game?) On the iPhone, I like 3D and augmented reality games. I'm big on QR codes and welcome marketplace adoption.

If I could build my ultimate phone it would have a Nokia N95 level of camera at 5.0 megapixels, a touch screen like the iPhone, the hardware for QWERTY key board licensed from RIM, a decent speaker phone, an OS that multi-tasks like those devices from Palm, a slim device like the iPhone, a battery life achievement as those phones from Samsung, speed that bests iPhone 3GS, an application player that's ½ RIM and ½ Apple developed, an unbreakable crystal screen, and a cool battery.   Finally, I want it all to run over CDMA 4G networks. 

What is your wireless wish list?

Tina Whitfield

Published 15 March, 2010 by Tina Whitfield

Tina Whitfield is CEO of EquisGlobal and a contributor to Econsultancy.

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Comments (5)


bristol copywriter

…"those phones" from Samsung? Which ones?

over 8 years ago


Craig Elwell

Couldnt agree with you more, but would add a couple more requirements: Necessary: A decent flash on the camera. A front facing camera as well as the usual number on the back An expandable memory slot of some sort - Micro SD etc A standard Mini USB socket so the phone can be charged from a laptop without the need for its own cable Desireable: Ability to put two sims in and have them both live at once (useful for the work / home use without the need to carry two phones) a scratch resistant finish - my old Motorola Razr seemed to have this one almost nailed - the iphone scratches if you so much as look at it!

over 8 years ago



That's because you stare at it too much

almost 8 years ago


Sony Ericsson, mobil.

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almost 8 years ago



I want a mobile that I'm not scared to drop.
A mobile that can fit in my back pocket/jacket pocket. This means it does NOT need to be flat I do not mind a chunky phone.
2 Day running battery life <-- THIS is a MUST HAVE!
3 - 4 Day Idle Life
Replaceable Battery
Apps for access to things we need and want NOW ie. banks, skype, ereading etc. Not apps for things we didn't know we needed like autotune.
Good quality camera with basic photo editing softwhare.
Ok video quality, I do not need high def video.
Easy access to internet and use of social networking sites, email.
Easy uploading of data such as photos, video and voice recordings.
Let there be a zoom option
If touch screen, also have a slide out/flip out keyboard. (This also increases durability of the phone. If dropped, some of the shock is absorbed by the keyboard sliding/flipping out.)
Able to individualise it. eg. individual ringtones for people in address book that accept most sound files such wma and mp3. Individual colour schemes, able to choose photos to represent people in address book.
Able to interact easily with other phones as far as blue tooth and wireless.
Have it water resistant.

a mini tablet
to need to recharge daily
to be unable to replace the battery when the old one dies.
voice recognition
High quality gadgets with poor quality softwhare (8mega pixel camera... blurry photos and little to no photo editing)

over 5 years ago

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