Google AdWords managers can now make use of a unique platform that will control when your adverts are displayed depending on the weather.

WeatherFIT is a cloud-based piece of software that delivers AdWords adverts based on real-time localised climatic conditions.

The PPC tool retrofits to existing AdWords accounts and uses real-time data from the Met Office to control which adverts are shown based on the weather.

Adverts will only show if they meet the weather criteria you set.

Only show this advert if it's sunny and hot

WeatherFIT allows you to set up an AdWords campaign to show specific adverts at specific locations depending on specific weather conditions.

For example, if you run an ecommerce site that sells air conditioning units and cooling fans you can set up an AdWords campaign to only show adverts in London when the sun is out and it's hot.

In other words your adverts would only be shown at a time when potential customers are more frequently searching for your products.

The weatherFIT platform

The image above is the weatherFIT dashboard which is the control centre for tuning your AdWords campaigns based on real-time weather data. From here you can set which campaigns display adverts depending on weather and location.

The platform allows you to include/exclude certain locations, so it's completely flexible in terms of geo-targeting. At all times you can visibly see the current status of your campaigns and keep track of what is happening.

How the weather influences buying behaviour

Weather sensitivity analysis by the Met Office allows you to see first hand the impact of weather on your sales in the past. You can take advantage of this knowledge on a real-time basis for your PPC strategy. We know that seasonal products such as ice creams sell more when the weather is sunny and warm, and umbrellas when it is wet outside.

The weather is a situational factor that impacts on buying behaviour; advertising when this situational factor is more likely to make an impact is a cost effective method of managing an AdWords display schedule.

Case study: Bravissimo

Bravissimo is a specialist lingerie and clothing retailer, with 21 stores nationwide alongside a strong online presence. Ingenious Britain reported on Bravissimo's success using weatherFIT.

"PPC-driven sales revenues for Bravissimo’s swimwear range increased by nearly 600% during the three-month campaign using weatherFIT, compared with the same three-month period in 2011. There was an increase in the conversion rate of browsers to buyers of 103%".


This is an innovative add-on for AdWords that allows you to display adverts based on real time weather. By using this additional layer of targeting AdWords campaigns can be more cost effective through displaying only when click-through rates are likely to be higher.

Would you use weatherFIT?

Could you see weatherFIT working for your business? Do you think many businesses will use it and experience positive results like Bravissimo? Please leave a comment below, it would be great to hear your thoughts.

Simon Hawtin

Published 4 March, 2013 by Simon Hawtin

Simon Hawtin is Marketing Executive at RateSetter and a contributor to Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn

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Comments (5)


J Stone

Brilliant idea. I see plenty of examples of turning ads on and off according to weather, but do you know is it capable of bid adjustments? (Ie raise bids in sunny weather and lower them in rainy weather, rather than turning the ad off entirely)

over 5 years ago


Julie Fawcett, N/A at N/A

One of the companies I work with has a highly weather dependent business we have looked very seriously at this. In practice we think that it may only have an effect in the 'shoulder' months because we don't really see a massive peak on a ( in this case) rainy day in a rainy month. What we do see is massive increases in the rainy months.... but we wont know until we try. What has put us off is the minimum 1 year sign up ... why not a normal SAAS if you pay you get the service? I guess because for most people for half the year this is not a product that will make sense? That all said we will try it out, but starting in a shoulder month.

over 5 years ago

Simon Hawtin

Simon Hawtin, Marketing Executive at RateSetter

J Stone: I'm not entirely sure this is possible yet, although I know weatherFIT are working on new functionality. Send them an email to

Julie Fawcett: hi Julie, yes I agree the upfront cost is a little high and only really suits companies with high AdWords spend already. Perhaps a freemium model or 30 day trial model would be a better way to allow customers more insight into how the system works in reality. Good luck trying it out and please keep us posted.

over 5 years ago

Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins, Managing Director at SilverDisc Limited

We've been doing this ourselves for years using the Adwords API and a weather feed. Google even produced an API case study on it (link available at the bottom of our home page) back in 2008.

over 5 years ago


Senya Ryazanov, Head of Digital at Weather Unlocked

Hey Simon. I know this is a isn't a recent article but I thought I'd post a comment, since it's still very relevant today. Weather targeting is being used more and more in digital advertising - with plenty of big brand success stories - form McDonalds to Ikea, Walmart, Timberland, Stella Cidre, BWM... the list goes on.

It seems that WeatherFIT is no longer online - however we've built a tool called WeatherAds - it's a weather targeting platform for AdWords, Facebook & Bing. It allows you to adjust bids as well as pause/ activate campaigns and change creative based on weather.

You can check it out here:

For weather sensitive businesses, weather targeting can greatly increase creative cut-through, ad engagement, conversions and sales. But interestingly, it can also decrease your ad spend over time, since bids are downweighed or paused completely during periods of unprofitable weather.

If you have any questions about WeatherAds or weather based marketing in general, send an email to

almost 2 years ago

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