Pinterest’s rapid growth means that many more influential consumers are using the pinboard site, and they’re looking for material to share.

Videos are becoming a sharable item on Pinterest, and brands can be at the edge of this trend, so why not showcase your product videos to best effect on Pinterest to encourage sharing?

Pinterest may have started out as a favorite site for teenage girls redecorating their bedrooms, but now everyone is making use of its pinboards, from trendsetting designers to corporate marketers.

And the social sharing site is still attracting new users by the truckload: In 2012 Pinterest showed the largest year-over-year increase of all the social networks in terms of both unique audience and time spent on the site, according to Nielsen.

While the site began as a great place to share images, people (and brands) are catching on to the fact that they can also use Pinterest pinboards to share videos.

Pinboard users are increasingly adding videos along with pictures to their pinboards, which means that brands should consider making their videos more available via Pinterest to encourage sharing.

Videos can offer a more powerful impression of a brand or a product that a static image can, and your videos will gain greater viral reach reach via Pinterest’s growing audience. Also, they are indexed by the major search engines, giving them even more exposure.

Videos generally have a separate category tab on Pinterest, so it’s easy for your Pinterest followers to find videos among the images. It’s also easy to make your videos shareable on Pinterest, just as you probably do now with Facebook and Twitter: just place a “pin it” button on your website or blog.

To give your Pinterest videos maximum impact, make sure they include the following elements.

List pricing information

Pinterest allows you to place “price tags” for products on videos, which will be visible in the video’s thumbnail image.

Pinterest users like pricing details – according to Digital Journal, pins with a price receive 1.5 likes on average, while pins without a price receive only 1.1 likes on average.

Use full descriptions

Take advantage of the ability to add descriptions to your videos, so that users know what they’ll be watching. Make sure to add keywords that are crucial to your SEO campaigns.

Choose the best thumbnail image

You may already know that when you post videos on YouTube or your own website, you need to select a thumbnail image that tells the product story.

Pinterest users make quick decisions on whether or not to watch your video, so an arresting image can encourage them to click through and watch.

Add a call to action and URL

This is always a good practice for videos, but it makes a lot of sense on Pinterest. A 2012 poll from marketing firm Steelhouse discovered that Pinterest users are twice as likely as Facebook users to buy products they see on pinboards.

Consider telling potential customers to buy a product, visit your customer forums, or benefit from sales or shipping deals.

Add a URL to make sure that as your video gets pinned eslewhere, viewers will know where to go to get the product.

Think concise

Pinterest appeals to users because it doesn’t require much reading – pinboard images can be browsed quickly. Your videos should be short and easy to understand in order to encourage viewing and sharing.

Before you begin adding videos to Pinterest, examine how popular Pinterest merchants, such as artisan product site Daily Grommet, are using video along with images to create lively pinboards. You’ll get a good sense of the Pinterest community and how your videos can combine with other pinned materials to showcase your brand.


Published 24 June, 2013 by Melody King

Melody King is VP at Treepodia and a contributor to Econsultancy. 

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Comments (4)

Razibul Hassan

Razibul Hassan, Business Analyst at SPFTL

For eCommerce site owners, pinterest is a great place to share their product images. This helps help expose their products to a vast community and help drive more customers.

about 5 years ago

Mike  Darnell

Mike Darnell, Social Marketing at Treepodia Ecommerce Video Solution

Hi Melody,
Thanks for the great tip to those of us interested in keeping up to date with Pinterest's latest features. It's an important point to remember if you're distributing your product videos across platforms like Pinterest!

about 5 years ago

Philip Thorman

Philip Thorman, Marketing Project Manager at University of Gloucestershire

Great post - thanks, hadn't realised that videos could now be added to Pinterest.

The Grommet have now changed their link to:

about 5 years ago

Lenka Istvanova

Lenka Istvanova, Consultant at Seven League

Great one, Melody. I'm positively surprised about the stats as I wouldn't think that the buying power of Pinterest users is much stronger in comparison with Facebook folks. I think with the Vine app and Instagram video we can really see the power of video and Pinterest is certainly one of the networks businesses should use to promote video content. However, the sky really is the limit here.
Being creative is the way to go and even testimonials on your Pinterest profiles can make a big impact.

about 5 years ago

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