Online now accounts for more than 60% of Dominos' UK deliveries, which shows how effective the pizza chain's web and mobile strategy has been over the past few years. 

It also puts rival chain Pizza Hut to shame, and it and other competitors may well struggle to match Dominos in this area. 

Dominos' success here offers some valuable lessons in the use of mobile in particular. 

The stats 

  • According to Internet Retailing, 63.3% of the pizzas delivered in the UK by Dominos in the first half of 2013 were ordered online.
  • UK sales rose to £147.6m in the 13 weeks before June 30, up 11.7% year on year.

The statement doesn't specifically mention mobile, but an interim statement for the 13 weeks to March 31 tells us that, of the 62% of online orders, 25% were placed via mobile


While Pizza Hut in the US was ahead of the curve in its adoption of mobile, it has been way behind in the UK. 

Back in 2011, I wrote a comparison of the two brands on mobile, and Dominos won easily, mainly due to the fact that it had a mobile site (and apps) and Pizza Hut didn't. 

It then took a further year or so before Pizza Hut even launched a mobile site. It's a good site, but the landing page lets it down badly. 

Here's what I mean. Compare the pages you see for Pizza Hut and Dominos via mobile search. Which one you you rather use? 


So, while Pizza Hut has finally delivered a decent mobile site, this landing page undermines these efforts. 

It does seem that, while Dominos has seen the opportunities presented by mobile - and perhaps this is easier when you have a pure delivery model- Pizza Hut has been more reactive. 

This piece from Marketing Week last December seems to suggest that: 

The pizza chain says that because visits to its restaurants are “relatively low” in the UK, it must turn its attention to using digital channels to boost sales and target existing customers with promotions.

So, while rivals like Dominos and Pizza Express were using mobile (and online more generally), Pizza Hut seems to have taken a while to see the light. 

Pizza Hut will have to work hard to match Dominos' success in this area, and it should start by sorting out that mobile landing page...

Graham Charlton

Published 5 July, 2013 by Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is the former Editor-in-Chief at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter or connect via Linkedin or Google+

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I never ordered Pizza Hut online. Donimo started with order delivery service which gives it a great head way, let alone the fact that its mobile site is so much easy and intuitive to use.

about 5 years ago



Dominoes is a superb website for ordering and the app is also excellent. The other point to make about them is that they have the infrastructure in place to deliver. Pizza Hut are making improvements in this area but, still lag behind.

about 5 years ago


Matthew Steffen, SEO Executive at Imprinsic Marketing Group

Now it would be easier to order Pizza from Pizza Hut because of domino started an excellent online delivery service.

about 5 years ago

Nicholas Womack

Nicholas Womack, Business Development and Marketing at Shoplet

I completely agree about the landing pages. Dominoes recognizes the mobile platform of a cell phone and accommodates its design accordingly, whereas Pizza Hut's landing page looks like its designed for a computer screen. Pizza Hut's design makes it difficult to navigate and is unwelcoming to a hungry customer. I am not too surprised Dominoes would be leading in this category.

about 5 years ago



I think one key issue has been overlooked here. You must remember that Pizza Hut deal with Restaurants and Delivery whereas Dominos only deal in Delivery. So in actual fact whatever test you have conducted here is slightly unfair.

Yes I agree, the Pizza Hut Restaurant site landing page is not mobile friendly when perhaps it should be. However I suspect that Pizza Hut have approached it with more of the mindset that people are going to be using their mobile devices to search for their Delivery options.

If you take this into consideration and search Google for Pizza Hut Delivery, the first result looks like:

Pizza Hut Delivery | Order Pizza Online‎
Welcome to Pizza Hut Delivery. Feeling Hungry? Order Pizza Online for Delivery or Take-away. View our Menus and the latest Pizza Hut Deals.

If you then click on this using a PC, it takes you to the above link. If you use a mobile device however, you get redirected to which is a mobile optimised site.

Again, I don't disagree that the Restaurant site should be mobile optimised also however I suspect there is specific business structure logic regarding this coming into play.

about 5 years ago


Gary Bury

I get a different landing page for Pizza Hut which is far better than the one you have put online, arguably better than Dominos because it doesn't have any popups like the dominos site.

Maybe they have changed in the last few days.

almost 5 years ago

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