It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for the infographic of the week.

This week it’s a look at social media marketing for B2B companies from Clearpoint Agency.

It shows that 87% of B2B businesses use social compared to 77% that use blogs, with LinkedIn being the social network of choice for 83% of marketers.

Looking at the reasons for using social, 79% use it as a tool for raising brand awareness while 74% use it for customer acquisition.

For more information on this topic download our best practice guides for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog post highlighting five examples of B2B companies achieving success in social.

And here’s the infographic...

David Moth

Published 26 July, 2013 by David Moth

David Moth is Editor and Head of Social at Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn

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Comments (5)


Hugh McCabe

Thanks for this excellent, informative infographic.

almost 5 years ago


Andy P

I work with a number of companies who want to "Get Social" but I generally turn them down.


It is because of the misconception that Social Media will fix all ills. This infographic actually perpetuates this thinking due to the fact it says companies are using Social media for brand awareness, but how?

I mean picture two companies who start a new page on Facebook. They are in the same industry but one uses Facebook ads and the other doesn't.

Without any outside influences i.e. referrals from their own site etc who will have the more successful campaign?

A lot depends on what content they put out there but even if the page without the ads creates the most amazing content in the world who will see it to share it?

My point being is that it isn't necessarily the "Social Media" that the companies are using to increase brand awareness but the advertising of their business on Social media.

If you attribute social media as the driving force behind any success rather than the advertising aspect of it then you may as well get an advert on a London bus and say you are now in mobile marketing

almost 5 years ago



From a usability perspective, I've lost interest almost immediately. Making a report snazzy and jazzing it up doesn't make it relevant.

Accessibility and usability on the report is low. Colours blend in to one another and the ever changing use of colour without thought to grouping or using an accessible scheme prevents the colour blind, or anyone with a visual impairment from reading it.

I have good eyesight and I find it hard to differentiate between the stats and pie graphs. Poor choice of font colour on same colour backgrounds, pastel colours for statistics that don't stand out and using a blue pie graph, with pastel blue segments, on a pastel blue background, with a white font overlay...think WCAG 2.0 for your audience.

almost 5 years ago



A great way to target local customers through social media is via geo targeted promoted facebook posts.

We just did an infographic on geomarketing. Check it out here -

almost 5 years ago



Andy that is asinine

almost 5 years ago

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