Google+ continues to enrich its offering with embedded SoundCloud widgets now enabled. Here at Econsultancy, and across the web, many predict that G+ will gradually become more and more prominent.

Google+ Sign-In integration was launched on SoundCloud in May, and a week or so ago, embedding was brought to G+. All you need to do is share any SoundCloud URL to your Google+ circles and the widget will appear, automatically in the post.

It will be interesting to see if any brands start hosting audio in this way. Seems a quick and easy way to direct consumers to a stash of audio content, fairly seamlessly from G+.

Let's see how it looks, and examine some reasons for G+'s growth.

 Here’s Snoop on Google Plizzle, embedded, so you don't have to open another tabizzle.

And we’ve used it on the Econsultancy G+ page (do go and add us) to share some content today from HBR. 


Easy to post

It's only a small update, but posting on G+ continues to be a slick user experience, and a whole host of content can be added now with a URL, and very quickly display in post. The platform is still easy to navigate, having resisting the complication that Facebook eventually gave in to.

It's also refreshing to see a platform that isn't covered in ads, like Facebook is (Kelvin Newman explains).

Google+ might take hold

After its last big update, I wrote this rather baiting post, perhaps wildly claiming that G+ is nailed on for success. While there may be quite a lot up in the air, there are some good reasons for predicted supremacy of G+.

Here they are:

  • The network strikes a good balance between privacy and a public face. It feels more public than both Facebook and Twitter, which helps its tie in with search results, and perhaps protects users from over-sharing.
  • The navigation is simple.
  • Hangouts is a sophisticated tool and adds value.
  • The account is tied in with every Google account (significantly Gmail and YouTube).
  • The photo features and storage are now fairly sophisticated.
  • The network hasn't been covered in ads.
  • G+ is increasingly used for verifying authorship.

Let us know if you’re slowly coming round to G+, or think it’s too late in the game.

Ben Davis

Published 19 August, 2013 by Ben Davis @ Econsultancy

Ben Davis is Editor at Econsultancy. He lives in Manchester, England. You can contact him at, follow at @herrhuld or connect via LinkedIn.

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Comments (2)


Jerry Kuzma,

Really excited about this!
As a book and audio publisher, we are always on the lookout for ways to get our clients more visibility and interactivity in the social sphere...and Soundcloud is one of the tools that we have begun to promote.
Now with better integration with Google+, it could make a simple, targeted podcast go viral......great timing!
There is now NO REASON why authors, speakers, biz owners, religious leaders and thought leaders shouldn't get off their bums and get their voices into greater action......myself included.
I think that I will get my team to write a short report on how to set up a seamless, simple system for recording and promoting your expertise using SC and G+......because we believe that voice is more powerful than text alone...
You have really inspired us today.
Thanks again,
Jerry Kuzma

almost 5 years ago

Steven Wilson-Beales

Steven Wilson-Beales, Content Strategist at Consultant

Google + has a better UX - nice clean layout and journey path - but will people really start to migrate from FB?

I wonder why Google haven't provided a nice visible button on the Google Plus profile to help with transferring all your FB information and photos...seems like a winner to me.

Also, I haven't seen any kind of advertising to encourage migration - or even celebrity endorsement. Maybe that's to come...

almost 5 years ago

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