copifyThis week on Start Me Up we speak to Martin Harrison, CEO of Copify.

Whatever kind of marketing you are involved in, there's almost always a need for quality, relevant copy. Copify is attempting to take the hard work out of sourcing freelance copy at short notice.

In one sentence, what is Copify?

A platform for publishers to source written content quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

What problems does Copify solve?

For clients, Copify is faster and cheaper than using a traditional copywriter. For writers, it offers an opportunity to earn money, without having to prospect for work or chase up invoices.

When and why did you launch it?

The site went live in February. We saw a real gap in the market for a UK-based content marketplace, which provides quality, budget content.

Who is your target audience?

In its existing format, Copify is aimed primarily at digital marketing agencies and professionals.

What are your immediate goals?

We want to provide streamlined site functionality and drive increased uptake from the digital marketing community.

What were the biggest challenges involved in building Copify?

We encountered the usual teething problems you would expect of any website launch. For example, in the beginning there were no channels of communication between the site’s users and it quickly became apparent that this needed to be addressed. So we introduced a messaging system which allows clients to talk to writers and vice versa.

Having an experienced web developer on board (Rob McVey, co-founder) has helped us to swiftly address any problems.

How will the company make money?

In the short term, our profits are driven by commission from jobs posted on the site. Moving forward, we are looking to open up new revenue streams which include advertising and affiliate marketing.

What is your pricing model?

Clients pay for their content per word. They can choose between ‘standard’ and ‘professional’ copy at £0.03 and £0.05 per word respectively.

Who is in the team and what does it look like?

Myself and Rob are directors of the company. I look after the marketing, writer recruitment and client liaison, while Rob looks after all of the technical aspects. Remotely, we have a network of writers from across the UK.

Where would you like to be in one, three and five years time?

In a year, we would like to expand the business model into English speaking territories such as the USA and Australia.

In three years we would like to offer a multilingual service and introduce enhanced functionality.

In five years, we would like to have a brand which is synonymous with copywriting, in much the same way that Econsultancy is with digital marketing

Matt Owen

Published 13 August, 2010 by Matt Owen

Matt Owen is a marketing consultant based in London. He was previously Head of Social at Econsultancy and currently runs Atomise Marketing. Opinions expressed are author's own.

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Comments (2)


Chris Little, AC

I have just seen this article and was interested in pursuing the matter further with Copify for our UK website, but will not be doing so as I was appalled by the bad English grammar and naturally would expect higher standards for this type of copywriting service.

For example, should it be:

  • "Myself and Rob are directors of the company", or:
  • I and Rob are directors ....., or
  • Rob and myself are directors ....., or
  • Rob and I are the directors ..... ?

Anyone with the most basic knowledge of English grammar would know which of the versions is correct as they should be using that form very readily in their normal speech.

For those still trying to work out which version is correct - it is the last version. I shall not insult other readers by elaborating why it is the correct version.

We shall not be turning to Copify for freelance copywriting.

almost 8 years ago


Martin Harrison

Hi Chris,

Allow me to refer you to:


"Many usage guides, however, state that to use myself in any construction in which I or me could be used instead (as My daughter and myself play the flute instead of My daughter and I, or a gift for my husband and myself instead of for my husband and me) is characteristic only of informal SPEECH."

I should point out that I don't personally do any of the WRITING for Copify. If you would like to assess the quality of our writers, email me and I'll happily offer you a free trial.

almost 8 years ago

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