Here are January's best branded Vines, although I may have extended the remit to include a few from late December too, as is my right as the regular publisher of this round-up. The goal-posts keep changing. I’m just like Google!

Anyway, to add some context before the cavalcade of tiny entertainments begin, what’s the latest news from the world of Vine?

It’s been a big month. Vine launched a desktop site. Yes, the major social media network that has just celebrated its first birthday finally launched a desktop site. Is it any good? Just click on my post called 13 major UX flaws on social media sites to find out. I think you may be able to guess my opinion from the title.

So once again I'm rounding-up the best Vines of the month without the aid of a search field on the very social media network that I’m discussing. Fine!

Here we go:


Just a beautifully executed Vine. Look at the way the Beetle completes a 360 degree spin. That must have been a pleasure to create.


So many treats to choose from, it’s impossible to pick just one. However this nails it just for appealing to my inner Star Wars geek and non-reliance on stop motion animation.

Samsung Mobile US

News-jacking the polar vortex, Samsung produced this agile marketing gem. Although the cynical among you may suspect that Samsung already had this winter-themed Vine in the pipeline anyway. Cynics!

This on the other hand defies cynicism, as it’s just too damn good. Showing off the Galaxy Note 3's HD display, this is a clever and sharp little Vine.

Dunkin Donuts

When there’s a major event, Dunkin Donuts is never far behind with its nicely animated anthropomorphic coffee cups.

Virgin Mobile

Teaching responsible mobile phone use, here’s Virgin Mobile’s charming mini skit that’s as amusing as it is thought provoking.


Ford entered the Vine arena this month and produced some quality videos right off the bat. This one however manages the near impossible by creating a seamless perfect loop using music.

It would be remiss of me not to include Ford’s first ever Vine too. This is a spectacularly slick Vine that looks to have a higher budget than I’ve ever seen on the platform. Perhaps it loses points for this, but again a great use of the seamless musical loop.


Another month and once again Lowe’s nails (sorry) the ‘handy-hints’ style of Vine.


As part of its Men Care range, here Dove cares for men by teaching us how to tie a perfect Windsor knot. Thanks Dove.


What kind of witchery is this? A car that reverse parks without you touching the steering wheel? Well I’m seeing it but I’m not believing it.


On the run up to the 2014 Super Bowl, Pepsi is Vining a series of homages to half-time. The spirit of half-time should extend far beyond the sports world it seems.

Square Cash

An overly generous, somewhat fatherly android demonstrates how simple it is to transfer cash using the mobile payment service to its, I assume, android ‘son’. I don’t know. Maybe I’m overanalysing it too much.

Old Spice

And the winner of my favourite branded Vine of the last four (and a bit) weeks…

Excellent. See you at the end of February.

For more branded Vine round-ups, check out the best branded Vines of 2013.

Christopher Ratcliff

Published 29 January, 2014 by Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher Ratcliff is the editor of Methods Unsound. He was the Deputy Editor of Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via Google+ and LinkedIn

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Ben Davis

Ben Davis, Editor at EconsultancyStaff

Hi Christopher!

This is a great collection and may I say they are all right in the spirit of Vine.

APART from Ford's first Vine. It's so good it's reminiscent of the Vines made before the crackdown on pre production. If that's the right term.

One used to be able to make a video using whatever techniques you like and then fudge it into Vine using something like ifunbox. Vine cracked down on this. Rightly so.

To my knowledge, though I'm out of practice, vine-wise, it's not fudgeable any more. But the music and the fumes and the car sounds on the Ford Vine seem too good to be true.

I may be jealous but the point is this. The beauty in Vine has become its homeliness, it's rough edges, it's arts and craft aesthetic.

The more that music akin to a start up explainer video (whistly or folky or twinkly) is used, the more Vines do my head in.

Over and out!

over 4 years ago

Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher Ratcliff, Editor at Methods Unsound / Search Engine Watch

Yeah I totally agree.

Vine is a great leveller, and even the most complicated of say Samsung's Vines could still be recreated by someone without a budget but with a lot of patience and skill.

The lighting alone for the Ford Vine would have cost the same as a professional shoot and I'm not convinced you could create the same depth of field with a smartphone. Yet.

over 4 years ago


Sue Driscoll

Awesome roundup. And, selfishly, I agree with the Ford ones because I've been working with the Viners on them. Believe it or not, Ian Padgham is that good. We didn't give him anything beyond the map and the car. He lit everything himself on a table in his apartment and did it all with stop motion. The fumes are cotton. I'm jealous, as well. He continues to amaze me.

over 4 years ago

Ben Davis

Ben Davis, Editor at EconsultancyStaff


Now you've explained it's Ian Pagham, that makes sense. We know his skills as he spoke at our creative event during the Festival of Marketing.

Too good for his own good!

over 4 years ago


Sue Driscoll

@Ben, too good for his own good is right! (PS: He's also a dream to collaborate with and all-around great guy.) Pssh. Unfair. :)

over 4 years ago


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nice vine collection. thanks for sharing

over 4 years ago

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