We've written a lot on email marketing over the past few years, so here's some of the best in one handy post. 

This post covers best practice tips, useful stats, case studies and reports on the subject. 


Email best practice

I've narrowed our best practice email posts down to about 40 from the last two years. There's plenty more under the email tag on the blog. 

Subject lines

45 words to avoid in your email marketing subject lines

Email marketing subject lines: why best practice matters

Six case studies and an infographic on how to write effective email subject lines

152 killer keywords for email subject lines (and 137 crappy ones)

Writing mobile email subject lines: four key considerations

What you can learn from 1.159bn B2B subject lines

Copywriting, content and design

Great copy from The Natural History Museum: email edition

How to create engaging email content to drive conversion

Eight best practice tips for writing effective email copy

Why you should test the layout of your emails

Examples by sector

How fashion ecommerce brands use email marketing

How the travel industry uses email marketing

Why Manchester City's emails are Premier League quality


Managing email unsubscribes: best practice tips

Email marketing: what makes people unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing from email: how top fashion retailers try to persuade you to stay

Gmail offers unsubscribe link and the world of email marketing comes to an end

Six best practice tips for email unsubscribe pages


Email frequency: how much is too much?

Why more emails at Christmas almost always means more money

30+ Christmas email marketing tips from the experts

Send more email, make more money?

Basket/cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails: how five retailers retarget lost customers

How you can boost your email re-activation campaign’s response rate

Abandoned basket emails: the good, the bad and the ugly

Top 10 tips for improving basket abandonment emails


A guide to structuring your email marketing program

Five email marketing lessons from 40 online purchases

10 things I love about your emails (and related arts)

10 things you can do to make me love your emails

Four innovations that will shape the future of email marketing

Why Custom Audience targeting proves that email has won the internet

12 useful tips for optimising email deliverability

20 automated emails your customers won't delete

10 emails I have deleted and why


We have lots of stats on email marketing, including whole compendiums full of them. See the reports section for more. 

How data can be used to take your email marketing up a level

How do marketers manage their mobile email channel effectively?

What is a decent email marketing response rate?

Email marketing benchmarks 2014: how do you stack up?

22% of UK businesses have 'non-existent' mobile email strategy: report

Triggered email open rates are four times higher than newsletters

22% of marketing emails fail to reach the subscriber's inbox: report

Email marketers not making the most of automation: report

Triggered email open rates are four times higher than newsletters

Case studies

Here's a sample from recent blog posts, but we have many more in our new case studies database, accessible to subscribers.  

Three case studies to help improve your email marketing conversion rates

Seven inspirational email marketing case studies from The Digitals

10 case studies that show the power of email segmentation

Responsive email design: five case studies and an infographic on how it improves engagement

How RS Components uses automated email FTW


We have lots of reports on email, from our comprehensive 200 page best practice guide, to industry stats and template files...

Email Marketing Best Practice Guide

Bridging the Gap in Email Marketing

Email Marketing Industry Census 2014

The Email Marketing Speed Imperative

Email Marketing Platforms Buyer's Guide 2013

Building, Monitoring and Improving Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email and eCRM Statistics


We have training courses for email marketers too. Check out the links for more information.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Advanced

Our Festival of Marketing event in November is a two day celebration of the modern marketing industry, featuring speakers from brands including LEGO, Airbnb, Tesco, Barclays, FT.com and more. 

Graham Charlton

Published 4 September, 2014 by Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is the former Editor-in-Chief at Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter or connect via Linkedin or Google+

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Comments (3)


Ashley Ventilla-Logan

I think both of these articles, '45 words to avoid in your email marketing subject lines' and '152 killer keywords for email subject lines (and 137 crappy ones)', prove how subjective email subject lines can be. The first article portrays FREE and % off as having negative connotations yet, when we reach the latter article, we're told 'free delivery' or even '%' off are 'quick wins' – I agree that 'best-practice' from across industries can provide useful insights, but at the end of the day I believe it really does come down to split testing to find what works best for your audience.

almost 4 years ago


andre pierrie, social at email octopus

Excellent post!

However, I think you have missed a vital point. Pop-up sign up forms. It's all good having pop-ups on your website, but I think it discourages users by basically saying "no, stop reading, give me your email address". But then again, if you have, say for example, valuable content that you are giving away for free and put a sign up box on the page (NOT A POP UP), then I think that is perfect, it will convert more.

Growing your audience via email is a very tricky thing to do these due to recent security issues and spammers that either spam you themselves or sell your details on to someone else. Nevertheless, you have to be vigilant when it comes to typing you precious email address into a box that say's "get this for free".

Pop ups are distasteful if done wrong, done right and it could be a gold mine of leads. The question is, "how do I do it right?".

The answer to that question is a hard one. Due to one of our popular packages which offers a free 14 day trial of 250,000 emails and unlimited campaigns, we have seen some of the users of our email service promote their newsletters via corner pop-ups, boxes on the right and left hand side and a sticky bar at the bottom of the webpage.

At the end of the day it all comes down to testing. See how your audience reacts to where you place your sign up box. Just my two cents.

Andre Pierrie

almost 3 years ago

Gavin Cant

Gavin Cant, Junior at Assistant

Thanks for sharing! Now I have a lot of useful tips in one place and I'm happy that with GetResponse platform I am able to create good looking and interesting emails.

almost 3 years ago

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