First-party data could prove to be the future of online display advertising, according to our new report Digital Publishing: Increasing Advertiser Value Through Data and Identity.

Published in partnership with Signal, the report reveals the opportunities for publishers in the troubled digital advertising world.

It is based on a survey of client-side marketers, managers and executives working within publishers that have an online presence.

In this post I’m going to discuss three of the most important opportunities for digital publishers when it comes to using first-party and real time data.  

Creating custom segments

Scenario: If you were able to onboard first-party data from advertisers or partners to instantly build out custom segments of known customers and then distribute tailored advertising to DSP, SSP, ad exchanges or other media endpoints, would that be valuable?

Opportunities for digital advertising

The scenario describes what happens when advertiser first-party data is used to build custom segments, allowing advertising that is specifically matched to the customer and their situation. 

Example: An airline sharing CRM data on loyalty program members, enabling publishers to target customers browsing competitor brands with re-engagement ads. 

As you can see, 38% of respondents say the ability to use first-party data to instantly create custom segments would be highly valuable, while 39% say it would be quite valuable and 16% somewhat valuable. 

Rapid onboarding 

Scenario: If you were able to offer advertisers the ability to identify customers and real-time signals that they are ‘in-market’ right now, and activate media within minutes of recognition, would that be valuable?

opportunities for digital advertisers

This scenario explores the possibilities that could arise if first-party data was rapidly onboarded. The advertiser’s data identifies in-market customers while the publisher’s reach ensures the conversation continues. 

Example: An automaker collecting live intent data through the behavior or attributes of a customer designing a car on its website, then instantly uploading that data to an automotive publisher to target those shoppers with special promotions. 

38% of respondents say this ability would be highly valuable, 35% quite valuable, and 23% somewhat valuable.

Pooling knowledge 

Scenario: If you and trusted publishers/partners were able to securely share 'in-market' addressable audience segments to significantly increase the share of available and known customers, would that be valuable?

Opportunities for digital advertisers

This scenario looks at how independent publishers can pool their knowledge and give advertisers the addressable audiences and scale they demand. 

Example: Multiple travel-related publishers partnering and sharing real-time data, allowing them all to better target the wider travel market. 

39% of respondents say this would be highly valuable, another 39% say it would be quite valuable, and 14% somewhat valuable. 

For more information about increasing advertiser value through data and identity, download the full report

Jack Simpson

Published 27 October, 2015 by Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson is a Writer at Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

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Comments (2)


Ed Whitehead, Enterprise Sales at Gigya

You say "Scenario: If you were able to onboard first-party data from advertisers.." and then a few lines later contradict this with.. "As you can see, 38% of respondents say the ability to use third-party data to instantly create custom segments."

Which do you mean and can you define 1st and 3rd party data for the context of this article as there are many (conflicting) definitions in the marketplace

over 2 years ago

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson, Writer at Econsultancy, Centaur Marketing

@Ed - Thank you. It was a typo (now amended).

In this case first-party data relates to data collected directly from your customers/audience.

over 2 years ago

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