“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

That is the saying that springs to mind when I see marketers dismissing Snapchat as a significant channel. Presumably they’re the same people who realised social media was a good idea five years later than their competitors. 

But when it comes to Snapchat’s importance as a marketing tool you don’t have to take my word for it. There are plenty of numbers to back up the claim. 

In this post I’m going to cover some of the most compelling data-powered reasons to use this platform. 

1. Snapchat has 100m daily active users

It may not be up there with Facebook’s first billion, but Snapchat is relatively young and growing at an extremely fast rate. 

2. 65% of those users share content every day

Snapchat’s users are not just lurking in the background. The majority of them actively create and share content on a daily basis, so you are dealing with a highly engaged audience. 

3. 8,796 photos are shared on Snapchat every second

Just think about that for a second...

In that second you spent thinking about it Snapchat’s users shared almost 9,000 photos. 

4. It would take 10 years to view all photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour

By the time you’d finished viewing those photos, another 880,000 years’ worth of photos would have been shared on the social network. 

5. More photos are shared on Snapchat than any other social network

The image below shows a comparison of the different social networks in terms of the number of photos shared in the two minutes I spent staring at the pretty data visualisation

Snapchat photo sharing stats

6. Snapchat users like shopping online

76% of users purchased a product online in the last month, according to a report by GlobalWebIndex. 

And users are primarily motivated by coupons and discounts when it comes to online purchases, presenting potential opportunities for retailers.  

7. Snapchat achieves 6bn video views a day

6bn. That is absolutely huge, especially when you consider it’s only made up of mobile views. 

Facebook, by comparison, achieves about 8bn daily video views across both desktop and mobile. And the gap is closing. 

8. Video views have tripled since May 2015

Not only does Snapchat achieve an enormous amount of daily video views, it is also growing at an exponential rate in that department. 

Since May this year, Snapchat has tripled its number of daily video views. 

9. Snapchat’s audience is entirely mobile

Mobile. That’s where all this digital stuff is going, right? Snapchat’s user base is entirely made up of smartphone users, so if that’s the audience you’re looking for you’ll certainly find them there. 

10. Younger audiences prefer Snapchat

Snapchat’s core users are 13-24 year olds, according to Statista, and according to a Piper Jaffray survey it is more popular than Facebook among US teens. 19% of them say it is the most important social network. 

Those at university love it too, with 77% of US college students saying they use the app daily according to a study by Sumpto. 

11. Snapchat’s advertising platform will reach 16m viewers a day

Sponsored Selfie Filters are expected to reach up to 16m Snapchat users every day, according to a report by Buzzfeed. 

That said, you’d better have deep pockets because ad units will apparently cost up to a maximum of $700,000 a day.

12. 60m people visit Snapchat Discover each month

Snapchat Discover is effectively the platform’s curated content hub. It’s a collection of stories from various publishers, and as you can see it already achieves a massive volume of traffic each month. 

13. Cosmopolitan is averaging 3m viewers a day on Snapchat Discover

The women’s magazine already has a huge daily following on Snapchat Discover, according to Digiday, suggesting there is a real opportunity for publishers to engage with their readers on the platform. 

14. A music brand generated 340m Snapchat impressions at a two-day event 

Digital music brand iHeartRadio generated more than 340m impressions on Snapchat during its two-day music festival in September this year, according to a report by Adweek. 

15. Only 1% of advertisers are currently using Snapchat

Which means your competitors are likely not taking full advantage of this platform. Get in there before they do and achieve the same level of smugness as brands that built a Facebook page eight years ago. 

If you’re still not convinced…

Check out what other brands are doing on Snapchat:

Jack Simpson

Published 30 November, 2015 by Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson is a Writer at Econsultancy. You can follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

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Pete Austin

Pete Austin, Founder and Author at Fresh Relevance

More Snapchat stats - including linked sources for the numbers

over 2 years ago


Matt Lovell, Head of Customer Data, Insight & Analytics at Eurostar International Ltd.

Some really interesting stats Jack.

The only point you would feel needs to be considered against these reasons to advertise on Snapchat is the same one that even today, ten years on from Facebook making it's lasting mark on the world still needs to be held against Facebook too is that just because there is opportunity there, doesn't mean if you throw money at it, your brand will stick.

Instead it's now a case of assessing whether your specific brand (and the audience you attract) can do something that resonates on the platform. Looking at the above, in cosmopolitan's case, the answer looks like a yes but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone and the risk is advertisers throw money at it in the way they have / continue to on Facebook ads when the vast majority of this spend delivers little if any ROI to the business...

over 2 years ago

Richard Hussey

Richard Hussey, Owner at RSH Copywriting

OK, I'm going to ask it... How many brands are actually seeing an ROI from Snapchat? To draw further parallels from the history of social media marketing, how many will get lured by impressive looking numbers of shares and views without grasping whether and how they turn into revenue?

Are 99% of advertisers really wrong or are they just being more cautious having had their finger burned with Twitter and Facebook?

over 2 years ago

Sarah Pooley

Sarah Pooley, Consultant at The Digital Doctor

And I'm going to ask how relevant is this for B2B? If you're selling a product or service I get that the reach here is huge but is it worth the extra effort if the market simply isn't there?

over 2 years ago


nick Harman, Writer at Freelance

Sure turn another social media channel into a marketing one, it's good way to piss the users off.,

over 2 years ago

Andy Headington

Andy Headington, CEO at Adido Limited

I think it's worth pointing out that a video 'view' on Snapchat is about 1 second which isn't much so I'd question the validity of these numbers in terms of worth. Also worth noting though that users have to click to play rather than Facebooks auto-play.

over 2 years ago

Peter Leatherland

Peter Leatherland, Online Sales Manager at Ethical Superstore

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” - You can equally apply that lesson to the marketers who jump on every single new platform and waste their time trying to figure out how to make a return on it before moving onto the next big thing. Whenever a new network arrives I’m usually told we need to be on it, may be the case sometimes but more often than not it isn’t.

In an ideal world where you have all the time you want to explore new channels you would, but in reality most marketers are under resourced and pushed for time, so spending their time on Snapchat could be costly.

over 2 years ago

Timi Garai

Timi Garai, content marketing manager at Antavo Loyalty Software

Hi Jack, I like the stats that you have showed in this post. IMO Snapchat can be used for building/deepening brand loyalty, too. For example, e-Commerce companies can motivate customers to produce content through a campaign (user-generated content always rocks), plus, the e-Commerce company can show it's lovely, human and funny side there with it's videos/photos.

Awesome content can get viral, and business owners not necessarily need to pour money into advertising. I see a lot of potential in this tool. Btw. it depends on the business' creativeness how they can take advantage of it. Plus, if the business' targeted audience is not active on Snapchat, then no need to push it.

over 2 years ago


Sanjib Saha, Digital marketer at Digital Marketer

How can a blogger use Snapchat for promoting his content ?

over 2 years ago

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