With the rise of user-generated content ('UGC') and blogging, there is a growing need to be able to monitor, engage with, and respond to what is being said about you, your brand, product or service online.

But what tools, products or services are out there to help you track, analyse and report on all this activity?

Certainly from a base of very few online brand monitoring services only a year or two ago, quite a few more have appeared recently. However, there still aren't that many that I'm aware of, or that are considered 'market leading'.

Following are the ones that I've come across - do suggest others (even if you are the provider of the service yourself)!

(NB I'm really only listing here actual technology solutions as opposed to services provided by PR agencies etc.)

Ashley Friedlein

Ashley Friedlein

Published 30 January, 2007 by Ashley Friedlein @ Econsultancy

Ashley Friedlein is Founder of Econsultancy and President of Centaur Marketing. Follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

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Search Engine Optimisation specialist Netrank offers a brand monitoring tool called iReputation that many of its clients are beginning to use as a way to minimise online crises before any damage is noted in search results. The tool can monitor brand names and any number of keywords on forums, blogs, news groups and Usenet. The tool reports in real time providing statistical information for reporting purposes as well as human moderated analysis if required. Clients are given their own log in to the data so they can access it whenever they need. For more information please visit http://www.netrank.co.uk/services/i-reputation.php

over 10 years ago

Jonathan Moody

Jonathan Moody, Freelance at Language4Communications

You might also want to consider ASOMO www.asomo.net in your reputation monitoring and management.

There is often so much opinion mobilising around brands, products, services and organizations each day. ASOMO provides daily and weekly e-mail Alerts of references to brands, product and services. This is great for knowing if reputation enhancing or impairing currents are starting or spreading.

However, if you want to see the wood as well as they trees you need a comprehensive monitoring and analysis service where you can see what are the key issues, which are positively and negatively perceived and how this changes over time as well as where these conversations take place and the impact they have.
Contact me on jon.moody@asomo.net for more on this.

about 10 years ago



Spread peace on Earth

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Intelligence Technologies

We believe there is currently no single technology that can effectively solve all the online monitoring needs of established brands. Intelligence Technologies provides a consultative service to clients with a wide range of monitoring requirements to prioritise and select either one or a combination of monitoring technologies sourced internationally. For more information, please visit our website www.intelligencetechnologies.co.uk or email timw@intelligencetechnologies.co.uk

almost 10 years ago


Andrew Orchard

Do take a look at Netemic (www.netemic.com), a London-based media software company that has spent the last two years developing next-generation blog monitoring software. Called iFeed, the technology continuously scours blogs, forums and consumer sites across the entire Web to discover content that matches companies, products and services, the results of which are delivered to an elegant user interface. This content can then be interrogated further by on-screen controls that dynamically alter the scope of the results by age and relevance. The final content matches can then be copied to iFeed's Clipstream viewer: a unique republishing tool that delivers annotated web content to anyone with web access - in effect creating a dedicated hotline between users and clients anywhere.

iFeed is already being used by a growing number of media consultancies and
agencies in the UK and US. It is also being delivered into large media
organisations that appreciate iFeed’s ability to discover, aggregate and distribute online content and integrate the results with their existing systems architecture.

Importantly, and unlike many competitor products, iFeed does not restrict its search to a finite set of known sources. Rather, it continuously crawls the Web for content matches, even when the user is logged out. The risk of missing that left-field event is high for products that limit their search in any way - an important first question for any prospective buyer of these products.

over 9 years ago


Credit Risk Evaluation

over 8 years ago


financial industry analysis

about 8 years ago

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