Peter from YouTubeA survey carried out by AXA has found that retired people are browsing the internet rather then the traditional pastimes of gardening and DIY.

The AXA report, which looked at the online habits of retired people in 11 countries, calls these internet users 'silver surfers'. In the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, silver surfers are using the internet more than six hours a week.

In the survey, 41% of pensioners listed browsing the internet as their preferred pastime, ahead of gardening and DIY. To hell with the roses, this is fantastic!

Other findings were:

  • Four in ten retired people are regular e-shoppers, with travel tickets the most popular item, with 45% regularly booking online.
  • 84% use the internet for keeping in touch with friends and relatives via email. The next most popular online activity was 'looking for information', selected by 83%.
  • 35% go online for banking activities.
  • Pensioners in the US spend most time online, at an average of nine hours a week, closely followed by Canada and Australia at seven hours.
  • The survey also found that pensioners in Italy, Spain were the least internet-savvy, spending an average of only 2 hours a week online.

Alison Green of AXA is encouraged that more retired people are seeing the benefits of internet use:

"The potentially arduous task of struggling with the shopping is becoming less of an issue as retirees can simply log onto their computers and select groceries at their leisure."

According to Ofcom stats from July 2006, just 28% of people over the age of 65 have home internet access, lower then the average of 57% for the UK as a whole.

Further Reading:
Internet Statistics Compendium - January 2007

Graham Charlton

Published 2 February, 2007 by Graham Charlton

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Glyn Alexander Wild

I don't like the way Silver Surfers are sometimes portrayed as 'IT just about able'.. The world isn't made up of 30 somethings. Some of us (quite a lot actually) are more IT literate than many youngsters. Don't forget that computers (albeit mainframes) were in plentiful use in the '60's. Some of us were operators and programmers, some even designed and built the things. OK, gone are the days of ALGOL, FORTRAN, COBOL and machine code but having worked with these Visual Basic, MS Office, Website design / build and BLOG setup are child's play. Take a look at the two BLOGS from our front-page at

over 11 years ago


Chris Leighton

I am delighted to know that our more mature generation is making full use of the fantastic opportunities available to them on the internet. I just wish my mum had done so when she was alive, she missed out on so much by believing that computers were for the young. was conceived with this group of surfers in mind. It is a social networking site focusing on making friends with others who share the same hobbies.

So those that still do enjoy gardening, or any other solitary past time can express themselves, their ideas, their achievements with others across the world who share their passion, from the comfort of their home.

Membership is free and a simple navigation process enables members to upload images of themselves, family and any hobby items they wish to display or talk about.

There is a forum for each topic, a what's on calender, news and articles and a marketplace where members can buy sell or swap goods for free.

about 11 years ago


Elder Lee

I would like to ask you all for some advice and/or tips for my next project.
I have decided to create a video tutorial aimed at helping elderly people get online and make use of the Internet. I can think of thousands of subjects myself to cover but I am trying to keep it as simple as possible.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas or requests for tutorials or subjects to cover that might make the whole WWW experience for the elderly surfer a more easy and pleasurable experience. If you are having difficulty performing certain tasks online then share, your frustration and maybe I could cover that subject in a tutorial.

Looking forward to all of your idea's

Kind regards

Elder Lee

about 11 years ago

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