As large web companies are selling us on the value of big data, they are also peddling their own cloud services to help you make sense of all the information you feel compelled to process. 

Just as Amazon Web Services is showing how it's changing businesses with its scalable and affordable data and analytic services, IBM has been developing its own solution with Netezza, an acquisition they made in 2010.

This push by IBM, Amazon and others makes sense as marketers now have so much they want to analyze to make smarter and faster decisions.

As highlighted in IBM's infographic below, in order to capitalize on the big data opportunity, marketers will have to:

  • Implement rules-driven integration of disparate data
  • Improve operating infrastructures
  • Create a network of data-centric technology and partners
  • Define marketing data governance

Using big data to make better decisions

By having the right data at their fingertips, marketers can make better decisions to:

  • Identify high potential audiences and accurately target them
  • Enable the right message at the right time via the right content targeting
  • Maximize ad inventory by identifying high-value audiences across publisher properties
  • Optimize ad media purchase and understand the value of channels higher up in the funnel

As this infographic on big data comes from the IBM team, it does marry how you can optimize big data to inform marketing decisions to the specific services offered through Netezza. No matter what service you do chose, the stats and opportunities for marketers highlighted here show why big data is all the craze at the moment.

Now that the deluge of information is here, it's up to you to decide how you capitalize on it.


Heather Taylor

Published 7 May, 2012 by Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor is the Editorial Director for Econsultancy US. You can follow her on Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

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It is a nice article but getting all BIG data streamlined and to make optimum use of it, we need to process unstructured data which is growing at highest pace (mentioned in the graphic also). To gain the maximum out of it, you not only have to store the data in right way but also applies text analytic and then all fuzzy logic into it.

Can you provide more information on the integrated view of BIG data?

about 6 years ago


Reporting tool

It's true that most of the time Big data equals big opportunities for each business owner. But the main goal is to seize that opportunity and develop a strategy that will help your company thrive.

almost 6 years ago

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