Simon Cowell to choose new X Factor judge via social media?

Tears, drama, sob stories and pantomime, singing seems to take a back seat on ITV’s The X Factor.

It’s clear from blogs and message boards that backstage antics, feuds between the judges and gossip about contestants have more water cooler value than Leona Lewis belting out a Snow Patrol classic.


Retailer 247 Electrical closes online store

The latest casualty of the economic slowdown appears to be pureplay internet retailer 247 Electrical, which has closed its online store.

The 247 Electrical website currently displays a “we are having some technical difficulties” message on its homepage (the only page that works), but a closer look at the title bar presents a more ominous statement: “STORE CLOSED”.


Mobile site review:

Amazon's mobile site has been going for a while, and I've been testing out the site to see how easy Amazon makes it to make a purchase by mobile phone.

Amazon mobile

According to this survey, Amazon is one of the more impressive mobile shopping sites, so what is it doing right? 

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Newspapers battle each other for advertisers, could online publishers do the same? published an interesting article last Friday that highlights just how competitive it's getting in the newspaper world as newspapers struggle to not only survive the woes of their industry, but struggle to survive a tough economic environment.


Google provides a few answers about SearchWiki

Google's SearchWiki, which allows users to re-rank, delete, and comment on results, was released this week, leaving users with plenty of questions about the new feature.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has been talking to Google about SearchWiki, and has answers to a few questions... 


Tips for a tough job market

It's hard to escape the dour economic news that seems to be getting worse with each passing day. Even though the job market in certain areas of the technology industry seems to be holding up far better than in other industries, many are still concerned about the possibility that they could find themselves out of work in the coming year.


Q&A:’s Iain Hildreth on user experience

The last year has seen making a big effort to solve online usability issues, including a research project with agency cxpartners and the relaunch of its site in September.

Here, we speak to Iain Hildreth, the company’s director of marketing, about the challenges of making a complex booking service a smooth process for users.

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How will the VAT cut affect e-commerce?

The Chancellor yesterday anounced a cut in the rate of VAT from the current 17.5% to 15%, effective from Monday 1st December.

The intention is to stimulate consumer spending to help businesses but, as Patrick at Blogstorm points out, this could turn out to be a major problem for some online retailers.


Should you start a business in today's recession?

As the woes of the global economy have deepened and it's clear that we're in for some tough times that will likely be prolonged, there's still no shortage of people encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses.

"Many great businesses were started in bad economies!" they proclaim. And they're right. Great businesses have been started in the toughest of times.


Great music apps for the iPhone

Among the many apps available for the iPhone are a number of ways to listen to music other than that stored on the phone.

There is more of a choice in this area for US iPhone users, as services like Pandora are not available in the UK, but there are still a few good apps around...


Debenhams crash provides a bonus for competitors

Hitwise's Robin Goad provides a useful insight into the consequences of Debenhams' website crashing on Thursday and Friday of last week during its sale.  

According to Robin's post, the consequence of being unable to handle the extra sales traffic was that the retailer leaked traffic to its competitors' websites.


Twitter: Facebook isn't worth $15bn (NO DEAL!)

Last month Facebook apparently offered Twitter $500m worth of its stock to buy it. Mark Zuckenberg is a known fan of Twitter, having described its ‘model’ as ‘elegant’ at this year’s Web 2.0 Summit.