Mobile internet use rises

5.7m people in the UK used a mobile device to access the internet during January 2007, according to new figures. 

The study by comScore and Telephia compared mobile internet usage in the UK with that in the US and found similar levels of mobile web browsing in both countries.  


'Open-source brands' can thrive in the digital age

Ogilvy Group's Rory Sutherland made an entertaining keynote speech this morning at the Insight 2007 conference, describing how brands 'on a clear mission' are the most likely to prosper in the digital environment.    


Pocket-lint launches gadget IPTV channel

Gadgets news and review website Pocket-lint has teamed up with Flawless media to produce, an online IPTV channel dedicated to gadgets.

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Job search is latest .mobi launch

Recruitment agency PFJ has launched a version of its job search platform for mobile phone devices.

The new website is available on the .mobi top-level domain at and allows handheld users to interrogate the company's database of vacancies.


Daily Mail launches travel website

The Daily Mail has launched TravelMail, a new site that provides reviews, user-generated content, and a booking service for holidays, flights and car hire.

Travel Mail


RobotReplay, TapeFailure join visual metrics new-wave

Web 2.0 developers have launched the latest in a growing line of visual usability and metrics tools.

Nitobi has rolled out RobotReplay and TapeFailure has also released its product; both allow website owners to play back video recordings of visitors' browsing sessions.


Lessons learned from around Europe

Across Europe, marketers have successfully overcome their particular challenges in email marketing by understanding how people use digital communications and by looking at the extent to which the internet has been adopted.

In the UK, writes Antonio Ferrara, we can take valuable lessons from these approaches to develop strategies that can help us gain the trust and attention of audiences.


MySpace announces new video channels

MySpace has announced the launch of branded video channels, having concluded deals with some big name content providers. The videos will be featured in a new section within MySpace Video.

Deals have been done with content owners including National Geographic, Reuters, IGN and The New York Times. The focus, for the moment at least, is on news and lifestyle content. 


Multivariate Testing and A/B Split Testing - who provides it?

We're seeing growing interest from site owners in doing A/B split testing and multivariate / multivariable testing - for landing pages, for product pages, for buying processes, for e-mails and so on.

But who are the service providers out there specialising in offering such solutions?


Daily Telegraph launches blogs for readers

The Daily Telegraph has launched MyTelegraph, a new service that enables readers to set up and personalise their own blogs.


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E-commerce all dressed up, going far

Clothes hunters helped grow US e-commerce by a quarter in 2006 - and there is no sign of that kind of increase letting up, according to a new report.

The e-commerce sector grew to $220bn, beating expectations by five percent but showing the same rate of growth seen in 2005, according to a survey conducted by Forrester for the National Retail Federation.


Interview with Jakob Nielsen

In this interview, usability guru Jakob Nielsen takes aim at RSS, Flash and the design failings of the consumer electronics industry.

He calls Google's non-search products a "hotch-potch of weird stuff". He digs into sex and segmentation. And he also reveals his day rate...