Apple begins iPhone marketing, delays TV

Apple has been forced to roll back shipment of its Apple TV media bridge device by nearly a month.

Reuters in the US last night quoted a spokeswoman as saying: "Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected, and we now expect to begin shipments mid-March."


YouTube 'more popular than TV'

In what is being seen as a watershed moment for media, a surge in popularity this month saw the number of visitors to YouTube overtake that to US TV websites.

According to data from Hitwise, YouTube's share of internet visits leapt to 0.6031% during the week of February 3, breezing beyond the 0.4865% share all US TV network websites combined enjoy.


Viewers vocal on Virgin-Sky spat

Virgin Media has been deluged with thousands of comments from customers facing the loss of Sky channels in the dispute between the two media giants.

Cable customers are due to lose Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Three, Sky News and Sky Sports News from Thursday if BSkyB and the former ntl/Telewest cannot agree financial terms of a new carriage deal.

A request for comment posted to Virgin's Have Your Say message boards has attracted around 7,000 responses across over 300 pages of replies.


Google's Schmidt in YouTube copyright pledge

With a view to halting the plethora of copyright cases and complaints brought against YouTube, Google will soon offer anti-piracy technology for copyright holders to prevent their content being shown on the site.

Google has been heavily criticised for seeming to be willing to take action over copyright infringement only when they have an existing content agreement with the content owners.


Fox Interactive acquires online ad firm

Rupert Murdoch's Fox Interactive Media has bought interactive advertising technology company, Strategic Data Corporation.

SDC specialises in the delivery of online advertising, and its technology will be used to serve FIM's network of sites, including MySpace.


Google and CC partner for video remixes

Creative Commons and Google in the UK have joined to invite Britons to produce videos depicting life in the country.

Mix & Mash, a new competition, asks people to delve into the vaults of freely-available, CC-licensed video clips and remix footage to make a film on the theme "Britain Rules, Britannia Sucks".


Podvertising to grow despite few listeners

In-podcast advertising is set to grow to over five times its current value by 2011, according to a new report.

An eMarketer study forecast US advertising spend targeted toward podcasts will reach $240m by 2008 and $400m by 2011. That is despite pessimism over the popularity of podcasts amongst audiences.


Ad-supported video losing ground to downloads

A new study carried out by Adams Media Research predicts that fees generated by downloads of TV and movies will exceed that from adverts on free programming.

The US study predicts that advertisers will spend $1.7bn (£871m) on internet video streams to PCs and TVs, while movie and TV downloads will generate consumer spending of $4.1 bn (£2.1bn) by 2011.


UK sports social network launched

A UK-based sports social network, iSporty, has been launched, offering members a combination of interactive content and sports news, as well as forums and photos.

The site, which was previously called, says it is aimed at people who play sports at every level.


Google adds Docs & Spreadsheets to Apps package

Google has added Google Docs & Spreadsheets to its Google Apps On Your Domain offering, in another sign of the search giant's slow, mythological creep toward a Web 2.0-style Office rival.

Google Apps allows site administrators to issue users with white-label installations of Google's Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Start Page and Page Creator services, with apps accessible from the owners' domain name rather than on


ITV joins Sky on MySpace

ITV is using MySpace to promote one of its new entertainment shows, Comedy Cuts.

The new comedy showcase on ITV2 is linking to profiles on the social networking site for each of its 50 contributors - comedians, writers and stand-ups featuring throughout the show.


'Silver surfers' up in arms over road pricing

The recent petition against the proposed introduction of road pricing, which has gathered over 1.5m ‘signatures’, has led to a huge rise in traffic to the 10 Downing Street website.

Heather Hopkins from Hitwise has looked into the traffic to the road pricing petition website over the past month, and the demographic data reveals some interesting facts.