spoon guru

Spoon Guru on AI-powered mission to change food discovery & shopping

Spoon Guru is a smart search tool that finds foods and recipes to match your unique dietary needs.

The company partnered with Tesco in 2017 to help customers filter grocery products on the retailer's ecommerce website. Spoon Guru's co-founder and CEO Markus Stripf is speaking at the Festival of Marketing 2018, October 10-11 in London (the undoubted highlight of our marketing calendar), so we caught up with him to get a sneak peek.


The week in digital transformation: Retail reinvented, flexible working & the “key” to DT

Welcome to a new regular round-up on Econsultancy, where we’ll be collecting together the most interesting developments over the past week from the world of digital transformation.


How ecommerce businesses are surviving in 2018

It's not easy being an ecommerce business these days.

Customer expectations are rising, margins are razor-thin and all face the threat of Alibaba or Amazon entering their market at a moment's notice.


The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

This week’s stellar stats roundup includes news about online shopping, short-form ads, CRM, and so much more. Don’t forget to swing by the Internet Statistics Compendium too – it’s well worth a look.

Let’s hop to it, shall we?


A day in the life of… head of HR at digital agency Threepipe

What is it like to be the head of HR at a digital agency? 

Read on to hear Loveday Langton explain more about her new role at Threepipe.


Eight tips for advertising successfully on Reddit

For years, marketers have talked about Reddit. Depending on who you asked, Reddit has been the next big thing in digital advertising, or a mirage of epic proportions.

While the jury is still out, Reddit's popularity can't be disputed. Reddit is just as large as Twitter, if not larger following the latter's fake account purge, and has far higher engagement. In fact, as measured by time spent per user per day, Reddit's audience is more engaged than Facebook's.

echo order

Is voice commerce a flop?

Consumers have embraced voice-based intelligent assistant devices like Amazon's Echo Dot and Google Home smart speakers. In fact, on a global basis, the Echo Dot was one of the two best-selling products on Prime Day last month.

But consumer love for these devices apparently isn't producting a voice commerce boom.

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The five golden rules of in-housing your digital media activity

Recent reports that Vodafone will be in-housing most of its digital media-buying is another confirmation of an established industry trend.

At Jellyfish, we’ve seen ten times more enquiries for in-housing over the last six months compared to 2017.


Influencers shun existing brands to launch their own

Have we reached peak influencer marketing?

With major brands like Unilever increasingly scrutinizing influencers over fake followers, and platforms like Twitter getting more aggressive about removing bot accounts, the answer to that question just might be yes. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we have reached peak influencer.

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agatha rymanowska

A day in the life of... SVP Enterprise Operations at Conversant

Agatha Rymanowska works for Conversant, a personalized digital advertising company and the digital media arm of Epsilon.

What does Rymanowska do, is it fun and what skills does she need? That's exactly what we asked...


Science of sound: How music makes advertising more memorable

Some of the biggest advertisements in recent decades involve music, and not just in the form of jingles.

Take John Lewis, for example, whose Christmas adverts are just as well known for their sentimental song choice as their storylines. There’s also Vodafone which, in the early noughties, catapulted The Dandy Warhol’s ‘Bohemian Like You’ into the UK’s top five (when it had previously failed to chart).


Why the Love Island & Missguided partnership was a multichannel triumph

Since it came back to our screens in 2015 Love Island has been a mainstay of mine and my housemates' summer TV schedule.

This year I had more of a vested interest, as someone I knew was in The Love Island Villa (shout-out to Josh Denzel)... but my fixation with the show isn’t the point of this article. Love Island and Missguided has been one of the best TV partnerships ever.