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Over half of Google searches now don’t lead to clicks and what it means for SEO

According to clickstream data firm Jumpshot, which collects data from a global panel of over 100m devices, in June, for the first time ever, over half of Google searches didn’t lead to clicks. What’s more, a significant and growing number of searches that do lead to clicks drive traffic to properties that Google owns.

Restaurant brands are becoming big tech players

Companies in virtually every industry are being challenged to implement digital transformations of one kind or another. Even industries that years ago would have seemed unlikely candidates for digital disruption are undergoing major changes as a result of the internet and new technologies.


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How digital is changing the automotive customer experience

In retail, consumers have come to expect a swift and seamless experience online from beginning to end (and beyond the point of purchase). This is what’s known as ‘the Amazon effect’. Car manufacturers (sometimes called original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) and dealerships have struggled to adapt to the complex demands of digitally-savvy consumers. The experience […]

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