Author: Adam Ray

Adam Ray

Adam is an SEO during the week and a jazz musician on the weekends. With degrees in Telecommunications, Jazz Studies, and Commercial Music Production, Adam can either be found near a laptop with a cup of dark coffee, or in a jazz club or studio with saxophone in hand.  

Marketing games, car salesman style

From the early analog gaming days of playing cards and Monopoly to today’s Halo 4 and Temple Run, gaming has come a long way. And it’s not just for the kids: games are appealing to a universal audience, which can be a big bonus in the long run.  

With over 100 games downloaded from Apple per day, and a reported 67% of all households playing video games, you can’t afford to dismiss this as a content marketing option.

Has your creative well run dry from content marketing ideas? If you’ve utilized everything from infographics to interactive apps to make-your-own-memes, you may be getting frustrated with your day-to-day. Instead of getting down or re-using the same techniques, try something new.  

If you haven’t noticed, there’s already something on the web that everybody loves: games! 

Graphic Content Marketing

Become a content marketing all star. Part one: Graphadelic

In this post, I'll discuss the best practices for obtaining content, naming and organizing content, and finally marketing your graphic content.  

This is a chance for marketing managers and business marketers to hone their content marketing skills, starting with graphics.