Author: Adele Ghantous

Adele Ghantous

A highly experienced Marketing Operations (MO) professional with a strong track record of defining and implementing MO strategies for global brands.

* Developing operations and product solutions across digital channels
* Instigating Change Management across both the Client and Agency environments
* Building solutions at a global level, with responsibility for local implementation in 30-60 markets.
* Industry Experience: Telecom, Technology, Advertising & Media
* Channel Experience: Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Cross-Channel Analytics

Marketing Efficiency

Why Marketing Operations is more than a resource management platform

With the increasing complexity in marketing, marketers are less able to prove the ROI and are not able to be 100% accountable, despite the promise that digital channels allow better tracking and provide more transparency. 

The issue is not that technology does not allow it, but that there are too many tools available for marketers.

This is indicated in the graphic below, showing 947 different companies providing marketing technology software.

With such a proliferation of tools, marketers find it difficult to be organized, to streamline their operations and to track marketing performance consistently and seamlessly, cross-channel and across markets.