Author: Akif Khan

Akif Khan

Dr Akif Khan joined CyberSource in December 2004.  As Director, Products & Services he has become an industry thought leader and influential speaker within the online fraud arena. Helping and advising online merchants all over the world, Dr Khan has witnessed the latest challenges faced by organisations in multiple geographies and market sectors.

Educated as a research scientist, and with recent experience in the IT and finance industries, Dr Khan is well placed to work with CyberSource’s customers, analysing their requirements and providing guidance to optimise and grow their businesses with particular focus on minimising risk, reducing fraud and moving into new territories.

Before joining CyberSource, Dr Khan worked as a project manager on the Global Financial Messaging platform at JPMorgan, one of the world’s largest investment banks.  Managing a team of developers in the UK and India, he was responsible for enhancements to a platform that processed transactions worth more that $1.2 trillion each day. 

Seizing the mobile payments opportunity

In a world that is increasingly mobile, today’s retailers must consider how they are addressing their consumers' desire to make purchases through m-commerce and how to combat fraud through these new routes to market.

So how much do retailers currently know about fraud rates on their mobile channels?