Author: Alasdair Townsend

Alasdair Townsend

Freelance marketing and social business consultant.

Formerly Business Strategy & Development director at Onlinefire and, before that, divisional head at Diffusion PR & Communications Ltd. I have worked with wide variety of clients from blue-chip, enterprise scale organisations (such as AMEX, AXA, Bacardi Brown-Forman, L'Oreal, Disney, BlackBerry and Nivea) to exiting start-ups and social enterprises.

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Why Brazil-bound brands should be wary of cultural mistakes

It’s been well over a decade since the acronym BRICS was introduced into the marketing lexicon.  

While steps from foreign brands entering these markets have been largely tentative to date, the World Cup means the eyes and curiosity of the marketing world are now firmly rising to the B of the BRICS, Brazil.

Brazilian culture and consumer spending power (not to mention football) can be beguiling, but brands trying to capitalise on the event need to be wary of succumbing to the dreaded FOMO: fear of missing out.