Author: Alex Painter

Alex Painter

How to build fast, effective landing pages

The quality of a landing page can make or break a marketing campaign.

But even a page that’s beautifully designed and expertly written will fall flat on its face if customers abandon it before it finishes loading.


How record-breaking sales may have masked Black Friday failure

By all accounts, Black Friday was a big success in terms of online sales, with IMRG and Experian reporting a 36% increase in spend year-on-year.

But did UK retailers make the most of the opportunity?


What is HTTP/2 and how will it affect your website?

When we visit a website, most of us don’t think too much about what’s going on behind the scenes, about the various requests and responses that have to be transmitted and received in order to turn a click on a link into a finished page.

However, for a while at least, it’s something we’ll have to pay a bit more attention to, because it’s changing.