Author: Alexander Shaida


The state of digital marketing in China: highlights from Digital Cream Shanghai 2013

This year we hosted our second Digital Cream in Shanghai, and because we liked the venue so much from last year, we decided to hold it again at exactly the same place.

There’s something quite enthralling to be running our Digital Cream senior marketers’ roundtable gathering at one of the top night spots in town, especially when it’s located in mainland China.

There’s the stunning skyline view of downtown Shanghai, the Huangpu tributary of the Yangtze river running through the vibrant metropolis, and the feeling that you’re somewhere incredibly special and, dare I say it, more than a little auspicious.


The state of digital marketing in Hong Kong: highlights from Digital Cream 2013

Over 100 senior marketers attended our inaugural roundtable event in Hong Kong last month. 

They deftly explored and shared nimble ways to utilise the very latest digital marketing ideas and techniques in order to better equip themselves for their future endeavours.

Some were intent on making stronger inroads into mainland China, others were planning on taking full advantage of the small but also highly lucrative local Hong Kong marketplace (a jewel in the China crown), and for a fair number it was to better hone their abilities and skills to market across the whole APAC region.


Catalyst Conference: key takeaways

Last week, I attended the ChannelAdvisor Catalyst E-commerce conference, a lively two days of insightful presentations, panel discussions and debates and a real focus on the channel aspects of developing and driving e-commerce.  

Here I round up some of the key points from the conference...


Mobile marketing: what to do in 2009

Even though 2009 may not be the most hotly anticipated year of mobile, the mobile channel has been rapidly developing as a serious communications channel for marketers. You only have to look around in the industry, sniff out a few recent and ongoing mobile compaigns, and you’ll see plenty of major brands out there experimenting and pushing the mobile envelope, and doing some pretty interesting stuff. 

You’d need to include in any current market assessment of mobile the growing popularity of smart phones, the launch of many new models by the big handset manufacturers, the sudden proliferation of tweets using Twitter, the rise of a plethora of applications to support the iPhone and other such devices.

There is also the fact that the mighty Google machine launched its own open source Android platform to carve out its share of the market, taken on by next generation Symbian (Nokia runs on this and bought the company) whose software and functionality is also heading towards open source, and we can see mobile is finally becoming a serious medium.