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Aliya Zaidi

I work in the Research team for Econsultancy. We publish reports covering best practice, user experience benchmarking, market data, supplier selection, template files, trends and innovation aimed at internet professionals who want practical advice on all aspects of e-business.

I manage Econsultancy's Innovation Report, which features short case studies on innovative marketing tactics in the digital world. If you are interested in submitting examples of work for this report, please email me at:

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Five simple tips for building, managing and monetising online communities

It's no surprise that social media sites continue to thrive. However, as Andrew Seel explained at Econsultancy's breakfast briefing this week, successfully building an online community entails more than just having a presence on such sites. Rather, it's about encouraging active engagement and collaboration with the brand to provide mutual value for the company and the customer alike.

Here, we explore some of the key points from Andrew's presentation ...


Metrics and measurement crucial for Online PR in 2009

Measuring success from social media activity will continue to be a thorny issue for digital marketers in 2009, according to Econsultancy's recently published Online PR Trends Briefing.  


Ten tips for Twitter

In the last twelve months, Econsultancy has started to get more involved in the social media space, with a presence now on several social networking sites, including Slideshare, Twitter, and YouTube. Here, we share learnings and best practices from twelve months of tweeting.  


Consumer trends to watch during the recession

The seriousness of the economic downturn is now an undeniable reality, with the optimistic prediction that digital would be unaffected exposed as a false hope. With Britain facing the 'worst recession in living memory,' this will inevitably impact on consumer trends and behaviour.

As economic woes worsen, understanding how this affects customers becomes even more critical. Businesses that have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the economy and emerging patterns of consumer behaviour are far more likely to emerge from the crisis unscathed.


Web analytics: a silver lining in the recession cloud?

E-consultancy's Web Analytics Buyer's Guide, published this week, reveals that the UK market for web analytics is expected to grow by 12% this year to a value of £78 million by the end of 2008. 


Online Reputation Monitoring worth £60 Million in 2008

Econsultancy’s latest addition to its research, the Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer’s Guide, reveals that this sector will grow by 30% in 2008, to an estimated value of £60 million.

The addition of this guide not only demonstrates the accelarated growth of this rapidly developing market, but also shows how the industry has moved on, from a rather fluffy approach to online PR, to quantitative measurement that incorporates analytics, monitoring tools and tangible metrics.


SEO: best bang for your buck for generating online leads

E-consultancy’s recently published online lead generation report shows that natural search, email marketing and paid search are still the most commonly used methods for generating online leads.

However, PPC claims the larger proportion of the budget, even though natural search is seen as the most effective method for lead generation.

Given that search engine optimisation provides the most perceived value for money, why aren't more marketers investing in natural search over and above other methods?


Future of Digital Marketing: today's technology for tomorrow's marketing

At E-consultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing conference last week, leading industry experts took a pragmatic approach to predicting future trends.

Rather than gazing mistily into the crystal ball 20 years into the future, the conference focused on “right here, right now,” talking about how marketers can leverage existing technologies to be more innovative.


Measuring social media - a minefield without metrics

As more brands look to invest in the minefield that is social media marketing, it’s clear that standards are needed to define and measure success. However, marketers need to establish industry-wide best practices first and understand what they want to achieve, before tying down the metrics.

At E-consultancy’s recent Social Media roundtable, it was apparent that measurement is an issue that many marketers are still wrestling with.


Monetising and measuring social media - some basic principles

Over the last few months more companies have started to experiment with a whole host of new media channels, including social networking sites and microblogs.

When planned adequately, social media can provide an effective means of reaching new customer segments, forming closer relationships, and building online reputation.

However, it was clear from E-consultancy's Social Media: Measurement, Managing Reputation and Monetisation event last week that marketers face a range of different challenges as the social media landscape continues to evolve and grow. 

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Comparison engines upbeat despite slowdown

New research published by E-consultancy this week reveals that the comparison engines sector continues to flourish despite challenges presented by the economic downturn and the increased cost of buying search engine traffic.


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