Author: Andrew Girdwood

Andrew Girdwood

Andrew is an experienced digital marketer with more than 15 years in the field. He’s been Head of Search at bigmouthmedia, Media Innovations Director at DigitasLBi and is now Head of Media Technology at Signal.

In his spare time he likes to do more of the same; running his own blogs, trying to be an early adopter and finding time for a cheeky computer game or two.

Taking your US search campaign to Europe

There are a number of common pit traps that American companies risk falling into as they start to push their search marketing campaigns out into Europe.


Is Google's First Click Free a blow to Facebook and Twitter?

Google News publishers know all about the wonders and horrors of First Click Free.

Google News wants to include prestigious newspapers and let users click through to the stories which matched keyword searches.

Some newspapers still want to operate on a subscription model. 


Jargon I'd like to ban: Seeding

It seems like a hundred years ago when a client first asked me: "What's Usenet and should we be seeding it?"

I don't know who they had been speaking to but whoever it was should be locked away in a room with angry toddlers.

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Is your search marketing campaign legal any more?

On the 26th of May there was an update to The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act.

There's certainly been coverage of the Act on the likes of the BBC but the focus has been on buzz marketing. Search marketing campaigns could be affected as well.


SEO Wars: Alt Battles

There is no such thing as the 'alt tag' in HTML. There is, however, the alt attribute which is applied to the image tag.

The alt attribute is designed to provide alternative text for an image. I've seen it create wars within marketing departments.


Are you coping with Universal Search?

Google has evolved its search results to include images, news, recent blog posts, videos and related links.

Let's build a quick to-do list to spruce up your site for Universal Search.


A brief history of Poking

If you waited until Facebook launched and opened their doors wide before you started poking your pals and professional colleagues online then you may have waited longer than you needed to.


Two terrible tales of tracking terror!

It's Halloween and time for two true tales of tracking that went terribly wrong.

The scariest part of these cautionary stories is that either one could so easily happen again.


Google's agency subsidy - how badly will it be missed?

Here in Europe, agencies have enjoyed funding from Google. It was there to encourage training and innovation. It's going.

Google has closed the purse strings and I thought I'd write down what this means to me.

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What does PageRank mean today?

Google's PageRank metric has become rather controversial. Some SEOs will argue that PageRank is now entirely meaningless. Are they right?


How much traffic does my competitor get?

Even if you had a spy in the heart of your competitor's e-commerce team, you might struggle to answer this question.

It's far from impossible that your competitors are neither appropriately recording their web traffic nor confident in which metrics to analyse.


Graduates divided over online marketing courses

I took advantage of bigmouthmedia's recent recruitment reception to survey 107 graduates.

Lots of them thought their universities did enough to highlight the importance of the internet, but an equal number strongly disagreed.

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