Author: Andrew Girdwood

Andrew Girdwood

Andrew is an experienced digital marketer with more than 15 years in the field. He’s been Head of Search at bigmouthmedia, Media Innovations Director at DigitasLBi and is now Head of Media Technology at Signal.

In his spare time he likes to do more of the same; running his own blogs, trying to be an early adopter and finding time for a cheeky computer game or two.

How will Google's CPA offering affect agency pricing models?

There are a number of different pricing models for agencies running paid search campaigns in the UK and it is just possible that Google's cost-per-action (CPA)adverts could bring about changes.

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Affiliates can be your social media allies

Brands who burn their bridges and leave behind angry affiliates risk losing valuable social media allies, writes Andrew Girdwood.

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Using search to measure offline success

One of the reasons why search is so great is its accountability. The same cannot be said for some forms of offline advertising. The good news is that you can use search to help gauge offline success.


Why to be great at PPC you have to be good at SEO

Google’s Quality Score is forcing paid search advertisers to adopt joined up thinking in PPC campaigns, writes Andrew Girdwood.

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Meta, meta, meta

There is at least one constant in the everflux of Search landscape; the importance of meta tags ebbs and flows. Is 2007 a year where the value of meta tags increases again?