Author: Andrew Gordon


I have been working in the online industry since 1997. I helped launch whilst studying at The University of Warwick Business School. With a background in sales and marketing and qualifications in psychology and business, I am fascinated by all things Web. I often entertain my friends and family with my exciting predictions on the future of the Internet.

Since 1997 I have built up an extensive experience and understanding of:

I have worked on just about every type of website project from the smallest sites for one-man consultancies to large-scale ecommerce platforms and just about everything in between.

Email Marketing is the Cinderella of digital

There's so much buzz about social media, web 2.0, online PR, Twitter and Facebook at the moment that it's easy to overlook how powerful Email Marketing can be. Which is surprising when you realise that for many of your customers email is still the primary communication tool they use when online.

And judging from the record turn-out we had for the Econsultancy session I ran, I thought it would be useful to share 10 top tips for improving your email campaigns....