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Arliss Coates

Join our free webinar on GDPR for American marketers

The GDPR is here, and for many American marketers and legal professionals, it can seem like a revolution in data-handling rules. However, savvy Brits and Europeans may experience it as a mere extension of long-standing guidelines for the treatment of private data.

To familiarize American marketers and lawyers with the new rules, Econsultancy's very own VP of Research for the Americas, Stefan Tornquist, will be holding a webinar with expert guest Alan Chapell, Lead Attorney and President at Chapell Associates. On July 24th, join Stefan and Alan for an engaging talk, followed by a Q&A session. Register here.

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Three important digital trends from our new media and entertainment sector research

Our new Trends, Technology and the Impact of Data in Media and Entertainment report, published in association with Adobe, explores the trends and challenges facing companies in the technology-beset field of media and entertainment.


Three key takeaways from our International Content report

Management of content across borders and languages is a real challenge for brands. Most are underperforming in their attempts to centralize governance, expand into new markets and localize content for a diverse array of audiences.


B2B marketers: Share your thoughts on account-based marketing

Econsultancy needs your help! We're undertaking a study into the best practices and pain-points of the account-based approach to customer acquistion and retention, and we'd like your input.

Are you familiar with account based marketing (ABM)? Do you have experience to share or questions you'd like answered? Please click here to let us know if you're open to a short interview with one of our researchers.

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The new marketing landscape in Pharma

Now that ePharma's 2017 conference in New York has wrapped, organizations across the industry look to be facing some common problems.


Digital transformation in Pharma: Pfizer's ‘Dare To Try’ project

In advance of ePharma's digital transformation bonanza in New York next week, I spoke with Pfizer's regional director of innovation, Cal Austin, about his company's unique method of fostering internal innovation. 


What is Zelle and why haven't you heard of it?

As we approach the early 2017 launch date of Zelle, an inter-bank peer-to-peer payment system a la Paypal and Venmo, online banking customers remain unaware of the coming feature.

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Predictive analytics: What are the challenges and opportunities?

In August 2016, Econsultancy published a report in association with IBM called The Secrets of Elite Analytics Practices.

Part of this wide ranging report seeks to discover just how automation and AI have changed analytics in marketing.

Let's look at some of the talking points...


The secrets of elite analytics practices: Report

Earlier this year, Econsultancy published a report in association with IBM called The Secrets of Elite Analytics Practices.

We sought to discover just how much analytics was contributing to business performance and where in particular it was making the biggest impact.


B2B digital marketing trends for 2017: Finally catching up with B2C?

The latest B2B Digital Trends report is here!

In association with Adobe, Econsultancy has surveyed more than 1,000 professionals working in digital B2B to craft an idea of what the future holds, and where the pack is going.

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Marketing is failing at its top priority: Three findings from new research

In new research, Econsultancy has discovered startling ways modern marketing is failing at what should be its top priority: Recognizing customers as individuals across devices and media.

It began with a premise that won’t startle many data-weary marketers - that despite the assurances of the vendor community, achieving true customer recognition isn’t easy and isn’t happening for many companies.


Why marketers should adjust their social media crisis response to fit their brand's identity

Damage control is usually a matter of prescription.

Take a PR crisis – say, a vengeful former-employee hijacking the company Twitter account (as happened to HMV), or a negative public reaction to a production mistake (the entire auto-industry).