Author: Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Ashley Galina Dudarenok is a China marketing expert, best selling author and keynote speaker, and founder of ChoZan & Alarice. You can get a copy of her book "Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media” on Amazon, watch her vlog on YouTube or sign up for her newsletter at


Chinese marketing trends in 2018: What Western brands need to know

With the largest middle class in the world, China is an attractive market for Western brands. However, brands face various challenges marketing in this dynamic and fast-changing market.

China has a unique digital landscape, consumers have distinctive purchasing behaviours and there’s intense competition between homegrown and foreign brands.


'New retail' to VR: The hottest digital technologies in China that you should know about

For a long time, China had been called the world’s factory for manufacturing and assembly – which seems to be unrelated to creativity.

However, Chinese information technology has grown at an amazing speed in recent decades and has taken over industries like mobile payment, ecommerce, express service and online investment products.

What should you know about China’s booming technology?