Author: Austen Kay

Austen Kay

I'm co-founder and Joint Managing Director of w00t! Media, a digital agency helping brands connect with young adults.  We work with acclaimed youth publishers such as Pitchfork, Complex Media, Spin Media, Drowned in Sound and SBTV, and have delivered media partnerships for clients including Sony, Intel and Kraft.  Prior to w00t! Media, I worked both agency and client side, devising and implementing media strategies for Sainsbury’s Bank, Scottish Widows and the Co-Op Group. 

How talent and distribution can make or break your digital content strategy

I spoke to a client recently who was forced, through brand politics and limited budgets, to repurpose her TV ad into display media.

Separately, she had a test budget to generate earned media via a content campaign using a well-known music streaming platform.

Neither campaign shared creative or messaging. So, what happened?