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Ben Davis

Ben Davis is Editor at Econsultancy. He lives in Manchester, England. You can contact him at or follow at @herrhuld.

sarah betts

A day in the life of... an advocacy manager

Sarah Betts is an advocacy manager at Qubist, an employee advocacy marketing platform.

What is an advocacy manager? Who better than Sarah to tell all...

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leni zneimer

A day in the life of... UK & Ireland MD at WeWork

WeWork is the network of office spaces that look more like the plush surroundings of a heavily funded Silicon Valley tech startup than the rather drab spaces many of us have experienced at a hired meeting room.

For this 'day in the life', we speak to WeWork's UK and Ireland MD, Leni Zneimer. Here's what she gets up day-to-day...

graham morley

A day in the life of... head of product at an audience management platform

Graham Morley is a customer experience expert who works for Carbon, an audience management platform, developed by Clicksco.

What is an audience management platform? Here's Graham to explain more and to tell us what he does with his time.

jack carr

A day in the life of... a performance manager at a media agency

Performance marketing – the client only pays for results – is surely thriving in the current murky landscape of dodgy impressions and fake followers.

So let's talk to a performance manager, Jack Carr, from digital agency NMPi.

zoe governo

A day in the life of... head of client retention at a referral marketing platform

If you're into growth hacking, referral marketing, customer acquistion, performance, then this 'day in the life' is for you.

Zoe Gove is from Mention Me, a refer-a-friend platform. Here's her day...

graham best

A day in the life of... CEO of a returns management company

Ecommerce returns are quite the pickle – a slick and free service attracts shoppers, but a high returns rate can knock profitability.

Graham Best is CEO of ReBOUND, a returns management company. This is a day in his life...

sap study

The best Asia-Pacific digital marketing stats from June 2018

A short and sweet roundup this month. Here's the best Asia Pacific stats we've seen in June 2018.

Topics include basket abandonment, adspend in Ramadan, and trust in media.

mobile email

Register for Econsultancy's free email marketing webinar, 19th July

This month, Econsultancy's regular trends webinar on 19th July is open to all (not just subscribers). You can sign up here.

The webinar will examine some of the key trends in email marketing, featuring insights and benchmarks from our latest Email Census Survey 2018, in association with Adestra.

lola gamester

A day in the life of... head of production at a creative agency & studio

Blacklist Creative is a creative agency and production studio. We spoke to Head of Production and co-owner Lola Gamester to find out more about her role.

As always, allow us to point you to Econsultancy Jobs if you're looking for a new role.

jade garrow

A day in the life of... head of culture marketing at Wasserman

Jade Garrow has an intriguing job title. Let's find out what she does at Wasserman.

ashley firth

A day in the life of... Head of Frontend Development at Octopus Energy

Ashley Firth is head of front-end development at Octopus Energy, a challenger brand that has invested heavily in solar and aims to provide a "better experience for [the energy customer] through transparency, honesty and simplicity."

Let's hear what a day in Ashley's life is like, and remember that you can hear more from Ashley and Octopus Energy at 2018's Festival of Marketing, where he'll be speaking about their approach to web accessibility.

kieron mccann

A day in the life of... Director of Marketing & Strategy at Cognifide

Let's chat to Kieron McCann from Cognifide, a WPP marketing technology consultancy.

What's it like to tackle client strategy and work in the fast-paced agency world?

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