Author: Ben Harris

Ben Harris

Ben Harris is founder and CEO of Decibel Technology, a provider of specialist software for web development and website management. Ben is responsible for overseeing the vision and direction of the business.

Having started New Brand Vision Group (NBV) in 2002, an award-winning digital agency in London, Ben became increasingly aware of the gap between what CMS developers and clients were asking for to build and manage websites, and the limitations and inflexibility of the CMS options available. With software architect Timothy de Paris, he created Decibel; designed to facilitate website development no matter how complex, and provide the tools required to enhance website performance.

Following exceptional client and developer feedback about Decibel, Ben spun the business out as a separate company, Decibel Technology, which began trading in January 2012. Ben now provides dual Managing Director roles for Decibel Technology and New Brand Vision.

Get into bed with the 2%: a rule that could transform the impact of your website

The average website might convert only around 2% of leads, with rates much lower in some industries.  

Even though the conversion rates are still such a low percentage of visitors, internet marketers are often still looking at data sets from 100% of visitors when evaluating web performance.

In other words, because 98% of visitors didn’t show themselves to be serious customers or convert, arguably 98% of the data they’re looking at is skewed and possibly incorrect.