Author: Ben Liau

Ben Liau

Ben has been in digital marketing since 2006, and has a wealth of experience across all areas of digital marketing, specialising in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, web analytics and website optimisation.

He has experience on the agency side, having been apart of a fairfax owned digital agency in the 1st half of his career, and assisting a variety of clients with their digital marketing strategy. 

Ben now focuses his talents on the client side of digital strategy. He was previously the marketing manager at Australia’s favourite online children’s brand: Tinyme. And now is the ecommerce and digital marketing manager at Meyer Cookware Australia, and is in charge of launching their new websites for the Anolon, Circulon, Raco & Esteele brands.

Ben spoke at the Online Retailer Conference & E-commerce Expo in September 2011 and in July 2012. He is currently speaking in a panel at the Ecommerce Conference & Expo in Melbourne in April. Ben is a digital marketing enthusiast with a firm passion for the digital marketing industry and is currently a guest writer for power retail. 

Ben is also the creator of the Linkedin group "Online Marketing Australia" where digital marketing experts from all around discuss their thoughts and share their ideas and insights about online marketing. 

Ben Liau’s take on the digital marketing industry:
With an industry that changes so rapidly, one can only be on top of things by keeping up with the changes and dynamically changing with the times.

They call me the "Executioner of Ideas" but i dont kill ideas, i "execute" them.

Switching email providers: eight steps for Australian businesses

It's no secret that in the last few years many major email service providers (ESPs) have set up an Australian presence, offering businesses access to a variety of advanced email marketing features, along with local client support. 

Additonally, it's also widely acknowledged that email is an important marketing channel for any business - often being the most-utilised digital channel by marketers - but within this, partnering with the right email service provider is crucial to success.